New PNSO Allosaurus Model Review

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Our thanks to dinosaur model collector William who sent into Everything Dinosaur an extensive review of the recently introduced PNSO Paul the Allosaurus dinosaur model. William postulated that this dinosaur model represented Allosaurus jimmadseni, a species of Allosaurus that was formally named and described last year (2020).

PNSO Paul the Allosaurus dinosaur model
The new for 2021 PNSO Allosaurus replica (Paul the Allosaurus). Our reviewer William postulated that this model represented a replica of the recently described Allosaurus jimmadseni.

Describing the Head

William commented that in his opinion the head differed slightly than that of Allosaurus fragilis in that it had a longer, slimmer profile. That the head of this dinosaur model represented a more gracile species such as A. jimmadseni. The new PNSO figure reflected a fast, pursuit predator differing from other Allosaurus species and other closely related theropods known from North America and Europe.

When referring to the prominent head crests, William commented:

“Paul’s head crest is the best of the best of any present day Allosaurus model, accurate compared to his movie franchise versions.”

PNSO Paul the Allosaurus dinosaur model
The new for 2021 PNSO Paul the Allosaurus dinosaur model has an articulated lower jaw, just like the majority of the theropod figures that PNSO have produced in the larger size model series. The prominent head crests praised by William in his review can be clearly seen in this image.

William added that the texture and execution of the skin folds around each of the glacier blue eyes makes each crest stand out even more. He also commented on the placement of the ear openings and the slight “shrink wrapping” effect caused by depicting the inferior temporal fenestra which was located just behind the eye socket.

Reviewing the Limbs on the PNSO Allosaurus

When reviewing the limbs of the dinosaur model, William stated that the forearms showed fantastic muscle definition, great claws and that the limbs were in an appropriate non-pronated position. The hind legs of this biped were also praised with William exclaiming that:

“PNSO know what to add and what to leave off their sculpts.”

When concluding his review of the hind legs, he noted the precise details associated with the foot claws.

Examining the Body

In the review, the torso was said to be of the highest design, not one inch is out of place and as with all PNSO figures a great deal of time and care has gone into the sculpt. The reviewer suggested that the figure would not appear out of place depicting an Allosaurus in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel “The Lost World”.

From the Tip of the Snout to the Tail – An Allosaurus’s Allosaurus

Before moving on to comment upon the figure’s colouration the reviewer described it as being “from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail we have an Allosaurus’s Allosaurus“. The colouration of the figure was described with the dark brown wash that had been applied to parts of the model singled out for praise. The painting of the mouth was complimented, the glacier blue eyes were regarded as a strong selling point.

PNSO Paul the Allosaurus product packaging
The PNSO Paul the Allosaurus product packaging. The reviewer praised the figure for its texture and colouration.

The Tale of the Tape

In concluding his review, William provided some further information about the figure including model measurements.

Scale: 1/30th.
Height: 3. 5inches.
Length: 11.5 inches.
Clear plastic support stand & booklet/poster included.

Providing Details on Allosaurus

As well as reviewing the new for 2021 PNSO Paul the Allosaurus dinosaur model, William supplied some additional information on “different lizard”.

Time Period : Late Jurassic, 155–145 million years ago (Morrison Formation).
First described in 1877.

William commented that the sediments associated with the Morrison Formation of the western United States represent deposits from riverine and floodplain environments with contrasting wet and dry seasons. As well as many famous herbivorous dinosaurs, these Upper Jurassic sediments have provided fossils of numerous, large theropods. Allosaurus would have faced competition from massive megalosaurids such as Torvosaurus and ceratosaurs such as Ceratosaurus.

PNSO Morrison Formation Dinosaurs
PNSO celebrating dinosaurs known from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation of western North America.

Allosaurus jimmadseni

William reiterated his view that Paul the Allosaurus most likely represented Allosaurus jimmadseni. Fossil material now ascribed to this species formed the basis of the BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs documentary “The Ballard of Big Al”. The documentary chronicled the life and death of an individual Allosaurus. He then provided further information about the fossils, where they were found and who discovered them.

To read about the formal description of Allosaurus jimmadseni: A New Species of Allosaurus.

William commented that in 2020, a new species of Allosaurus was announced (A. jimmadseni). The species name honours James H. Madsen the first, official state palaeontologist of Utah who has had a long and distinguished career helping to further our understanding of the predatory dinosaurs associated with the Morrison Formation.

Everything Dinosaur would like to thank William for submitting such a detailed and informative review of the PNSO Paul the Allosaurus dinosaur model.

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