Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri Video

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Everything Dinosaur team members have posted up a short video reviewing the new Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri dinosaur model and explaining what needs to be done before this figure can be sold legitimately. The first part of the video, which has been posted up on the company’s YouTube channel, looks at the model in more detail and discusses the accessories supplied with it. In the second part of the video, the narrator outlines the product testing required in order to place a dinosaur model on the market.


In Everything Dinosaur’s brief YouTube video (duration 4:48), the narrator discusses the model and then explains the steps required in order to legally sell this figure.

Irritator challengeri

At over 30 centimetres in length, this is an impressive replica of a South American spinosaurid dinosaur. The model has an articulated lower jaw and it is supplied with a lungfish figure and an optional display base. This model, marketed under the brand Dino Hazard stands very well on its own without the use of the base, but if model collectors prefer, the figure can be displayed on its base, although Everything Dinosaur recommends that the model is glued permanently in place when this base is used.

Displaying the Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri dinosaur model
The Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri dinosaur model can be displayed on or off its base. If the model is displayed on its optional display base then Everything Dinosaur recommends that this figure is glued to the base. Top – model displayed on its base and bottom, model stands perfectly well when displayed off its base.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Everything Dinosaur website: Dinosaur Models and Figures.

Product Safety Tests

This model has to pass independent product safety tests (submitted for testing in June 2021). A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated that a decision as to whether or not to stock this figure would be made by team members once the test report had been received. It was then a question of entering into negotiations with the manufacturer in order to secure this model prior to taking the models from the factory in China.

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