Everything Dinosaur team members have been working on a YouTube video that features the Irritator challengeri dinosaur model from YvY Figures. Marketed under the brand Dino Hazard, the plan is to show the model and provide a mini review and then discuss the steps that Everything Dinosaur have to take in order to place this exciting dinosaur model legitimately on the market.

YvY Figures Irritator challengeri dinosaur model
Everything Dinosaur team members are working on a YouTube video that will explain the steps that they have to take to ensure a dinosaur model has been properly tested before it can be placed on the market.

Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri

YvY Figures contacted Everything Dinosaur a few weeks ago and enquired whether we were interested in stocking this figure, the first in the Dino Hazard series. In order to place such a product on the market, it is important to check the safety certificates and accreditation associated with the model.

Everything Dinosaur takes the safety of our customers extremely seriously and a sample was requested so that we could conduct our own independent safety tests.

Irritator challengeri dinosaur model on the Everything Dinosaur turntable
Sold under the brand Dino Hazard the Irritator challengeri dinosaur model comes complete with an optional display base and a replica of a lungfish. The figure including accessories and packaging has been sent to an independent testing company for safety checks.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Before a product such as this can be placed on the market, it needs to undergo a series of product safety tests. These have to be carried out by an independent, accredited testing company. Everything Dinosaur uses Eurofins, a highly respected, global leader in consumer product testing for this work.”

The Irritator challengeri dinosaur model
An Everything Dinosaur team member holds the Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri dinosaur model, which in turn is holding in its claws the replica of a lungfish (Equinoxiodus alcantarensis) which is supplied as an accessory with this dinosaur figure.

A Model of a South American Spinosaurid

Irritator challengeri was the first spinosaurid described from fossil material found in South America (Brazil). The model measures around 37 cm in length and the manufacturer states that this is a 1:20 scale figure.

The video will be available on Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel shortly.

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