Everything Dinosaur team members have been working on another Papo inspired YouTube video and they hope to have it completed, edited and posted up on the company’s channel in a few days. This latest video is a follow up to a Papo prehistoric animal model video posted up a few weeks ago that examined the strategy behind Papo’s product development. This new video will develop these themes and look at the way in which the French figure manufacture can expand their product range.

Everything Dinosaur's YouTube video on Papo Product Development
Everything Dinosaur’s next YouTube video will discuss the options Papo can consider when extending their prehistoric animal model range. The picture above shows the title screen for the video. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Papo Megalodon and Young Smilodon

Papo will introduce two prehistoric animal figures in 2021. The models are a replica of a young Smilodon and a model of the fearsome prehistoric shark Megalodon (C. megalodon). Both models are projected to be available around quarter 4 (2021), but Everything Dinosaur and Papo are working hard to try and bring these two figures into stock a little earlier.

Papo Model Introductions 2015-2021
A graph showing the number of new Papo prehistoric animal models introduced each year (new colour variants and brand new models).  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

In Everything Dinosaur’s video, team members will look at the options Papo have to expand their prehistoric animal model offering. The video will also document how the Papo model range has expanded over the years.  It will also discuss Papo product development.

The graph above shows the number of new sculpts (new figures) as well as new colour variants that have been introduced by Papo since 2015. This year, (2021) Papo will bring out just two figures, neither of which are dinosaurs.

New Model Suggestions

Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube video will also give viewers the opportunity to suggest new figures that Papo might like to make. The video also challenges fans of dinosaur models to think of other ways in which Papo can expand its “Les Dinosaures” range.

To view the range of Papo models available from Everything Dinosaur: Papo Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.