The New ITOY Studio Paraceratherium Product Testing

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ITOY Studio Paraceratherium Product Testing

Everything Dinosaur promised the company’s Facebook, Twitter and other social media fans/followers an update on the amazing ITOY Studio Paraceratherium figure before the end of the year (2020).  True to our word, we have posted up a short video on the Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel.  In the video, the narrator explains about product testing for these prehistoric animal replicas and if all goes to plan, the Paraceratherium models will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur early in 2021.

ITOY Studio Paraceratherium Product Testing

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Quick YouTube Paraceratherium Preview

Before Everything Dinosaur can bring the ITOY Studio Paraceratherium models into stock, the figures have to pass product safety tests, but this doesn’t stop us giving you a quick preview of the Paraceratherium.  In the video we showcase both variants:

  • ITOY Studio Paraceratherium – Deluxe (model supplied with polystone display base)
  • ITOY Studio Paraceratherium – Elite (model supplied without polystone display base)

The Paraceratherium Model with Display Base (Deluxe)

The Deluxe ITOY Studio Paraceratherium replica (with display base).

The ITOY Paraceratherium model (Deluxe) is supplied with a polystone display base. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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What a fantastic model it is!  The detail on the figure is simply amazing!  It is incredibly life-life with beautiful skin folds and creases.  It is big too, the model measures over 40 cm long and the display base is a generous 32 cm in length and over 14 cm wide.

Works with 1:20 Scale Replicas

Although no scale is declared for this figure, based on an adult Paraceratherium being around 8 metres in length with a height at the withers (just behind the shoulders), of 4.5 metres, Everything Dinosaur team members estimate that this replica is in approximately 1:20 scale.  So, it will work well with lots of other prehistoric mammal models, which are in the same or similar scale such as Mastodons, Mammoths, Sabre-toothed cats and Hyaenodonts.

Once Product Testing Has Been Completed Everything Dinosaur Intends to Bring this Figure into Stock

The ITOY Studio Paraceratherium.

A view of the eagerly anticipated ITOY Studio Paraceratherium model. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Paraceratherium Model Product Testing

As the authorised European importers of the ITOY Studio range, Everything Dinosaur has commissioned product safety tests with the highly respected Eurofins (independent testing company).  Once these tests have been completed and the ITOY Studio figures certified, Everything Dinosaur intends to bring these spectacular models into stock.

A spokesperson for Everything Dinosaur stated that they hoped that the test results would be available in a few days, once certified, the Paraceratherium figures would be available early in 2021.

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