Everything Dinosaur Working Hard to Ensure Christmas Deliveries

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Everything Dinosaur Working Hard to Ensure Christmas Deliveries

Team members at Everything Dinosaur are working as hard as they can to ensure that parcels are picked, packed and despatched as quickly as possible to give orders every chance to be delivered in time for the festive season.  Team members will once again be working throughout the day (Sunday), ensuring that as many orders placed on Friday evening and Saturday are sent out with the special Sunday collections that the UK-based company has organised.

Everything Dinosaur Working Hard During the Festive Season

Shoppers are reminded to place orders as early as possible in a bid to give the maximum time possible to allow a parcel to be delivered given the congested global distribution network.

Everything Dinosaur has published a helpful table showing the last recommended posting dates for Christmas 2020.

The Last Recommended Posting Dates for Christmas 2020 (Data Supplied by Royal Mail)

Last recommended posting dates for Christmas 2020.
Everything Dinosaur posts up information about the last recommended posting dates for Christmas 2020.  Information provided by Royal Mail.

Table credit: Royal Mail

For example, yesterday (Saturday 12th December) was the last recommended posting date for parcels going from the UK to the USA, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Finland and Italy.

Royal Mail Service Update

Royal Mail has recently published information detailing the problems being encountered with a congested network.

Royal Mail is working hard to deliver the most comprehensive and high quality service we can to all our customers.  The combination of greatly increased uptake of on-line Christmas shopping, in no small part driven by the recent lockdown and other coronavirus measures and the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions means that all delivery companies are experiencing exceptionally high volumes of parcels at the moment.

For Royal Mail and for Everything Dinosaur, every single parcel is important.

Royal Mail went onto state:

“Despite our best efforts and significant investment in extra resources, some customers may experience slightly longer delivery timescales than our usual service standards.  This is due to the exceptionally high volumes we are seeing, exacerbated by the coronavirus-related measures we have put in place in local mail centres and delivery offices.  In such cases, we always work hard to get back to providing our usual level of service as quickly as we can.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

Royal Mail Staff Working Hard to Cope with Unprecedented Demand from On-line Shoppers

Royal Mail industrial action threatened (October 2017).
Royal Mail which are responsible for the delivery of the majority of parcels from Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse, are working hard to minimise disruption and ensure speedy deliveries despite unprecedented demand and the impact of a global pandemic.

Picture credit: Royal Mail

The Impact of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Royal Mail are working with their airline and postal/courier partners across the globe to maintain services, however delays should be expected.  Many countries have implemented special measures to combat the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19, especially for signature services so that staff can maintain social distancing.

The number of countries that Royal Mail can access is changing daily.  Most major export routes remain open, and the hard-working and dedicated staff at Royal Mail continue to accept and process mail, although customers may experience varying levels of delay.

Both Everything Dinosaur and Royal Mail recommend that you try and post early when sending gifts and care packages for Christmas.

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