Royal Mail Service Update (UK Customers of Everything Dinosaur)

The global mail network is severely congested at the moment.  The unprecedented demand for mail order items combined with the difficulties of trying to work whilst obeying social distance and hygiene regulations associated with the COVID-19 pandemic has put an incredible strain on delivery networks.

Everything Dinosaur is continuing to operate 7-days a week in a bid to ensure orders from customers are despatched promptly.  For UK customers please note, some first class parcels are taking up to 8 days to reach their destination.

Royal Mail Having to Cope with Extraordinary High Volumes of Parcels

Royal Mail and Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur team members have taken steps to help minimise disruption for customers.  Royal Mail too are working hard to minimise any disruption.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Royal Mail Service Delivery Update

For UK customers, here is the latest Royal Mail service delivery update (dated 19th and 20th of December 2020).

Royal Mail operated the usual collection services on Saturday (19th December).  Deliveries took place as normal on Saturday and in most areas, Sunday, as staff work hard to get all the Christmas gifts and parcels delivered to customers.

Royal Mail continues to work hard to deliver the most comprehensive and high quality service they can to all their customers, all over the UK, large and small.  The combination of greatly increased uptake of on-line, mail order Christmas shopping, in no small part driven by the recent lockdown, and the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions mean that all delivery companies are experiencing exceptionally high volumes of parcels and packets this year.

Each and every single parcel, letter and card that Royal Mail handles is important.  Significant investment has been put in to provide extra staff and other resources to cope with this huge surge in demand.  However, some customers may experience longer delivery timescales than Royal Mail’s usual service standards.  These delays are due to the enormous volume of parcels and packets, exacerbated by the coronavirus-related measures they have put in place in delivery depots and local mail offices.  Everyone at Royal Mail is working extremely hard to get back to their usual level of customer service and delivery times.

Royal Mail would like to take this opportunity to thank its many millions of customers for their patience and understanding at this time of unprecedented strain on the UK delivery network.

Most of the Royal Mail delivery depots and customer service points are open over the weekend to permit customers to collect urgent items, such as those parcels that could not be delivered and a “something for you” card has been left at the delivery address.

Everything Dinosaur Assures Customers

Everything Dinosaur would like to reassure its customers that they are doing all they can to pack and despatch parcels, sadly, however, delays in deliveries are likely to occur.

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