PNSO to Introduce New Version of T. rex “Wilson”

PNSO are going to introduce a new version of the Tyrannosaurus rex replica known as “Wilson”.  This beautifully crafted model, which is based on a real T. rex fossil specimen discovered by the famous American palaeontologist Barnum Brown, will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in 2021.

The New PNSO “Wilson” the Tyrannosaurus rex Model

PNSO "Wilson" Tyrannosaurus rex model.
The new PNSO “Wilson” Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur model.  The new T. rex model stands a fraction under 13 cm tall and is approximately 34.5 cm long.

Based on AMNH-5027

The new Tyrannosaurus rex figure is based on the first, substantial skeleton of this iconic theropod dinosaur to be reconstructed and mounted for display.  The fossil specimen (AMNH-5027), consists of an almost complete skull (the first virtually complete T. rex skull to have been discovered), the pelvis, rib cage and a nearly complete vertebral column, including cervical vertebrae that proved that this dinosaur had a relatively short neck.  In total, about 45% of the skeleton was recovered and this famous fossil is on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

The PNSO “Wilson” Figure is Based on an Actual T. rex Specimen

PNSO "Wilson" is based on an actual fossil exhibit.
The new PNSO “Wilson” the Tyrannosaurus rex replica is based on the museum specimen AMNH-5027.  The replica has an articulated lower jaw.

A Replica with a Deeper Chest

As this figure is based on fossil material the design team at PNSO have been very keen to get the body proportions correct.  The chest is much deeper and as a result, the arms look disproportionately much smaller.  The powerful and muscular legs that would have provided adequate support for the living animal are not quite up to the job when it comes to this new model.  In order to keep the feet anatomically correct, the model is supported by a transparent rod which helps to prop up the chest.

The New Model Packaging and a Diagram Showing the Chest Support in Use

The model is supplied with a transparent support stand (PNSO T. rex).
The model packaging and a diagram showing the use of the support stand to help stabilise the T. rex figure.

A 1:35 Scale Model of Tyrannosaurus rex

The new PNSO “Wilson” the Tyrannosaurus rex measures around 34.5 cm long and it has a declared scale of 1:35.  The head stands 12.9 cm high and this beautifully designed dinosaur model is going to tick all the boxes for collectors who like their figures to represent real animals recorded in the fossil record.

An Inspirational Fossil (AMNH-5027) and the PNSO Tyrannosaurus rex Replica

PNSO T. rex model "Wilson" based on a real fossil specimen.
The new for 2021 PNSO “Wilson” the Tyrannosaurus rex figure is based on a real museum specimen.

Recognising the Importance of the Hell Creek Formation

With the introduction of “Sede” the Ankylosaurus, “Doyle” the Triceratops and “Wilson” the Tyrannosaurus rex, PNSO are recognising the significance of the famous Hell Creek Formation.  All three of these iconic dinosaurs have been reported from the Hell Creek Formation, although Ankylosaurus fossil material is exceptionally rare when compared to the Ceratopsidae and tyrannosaurids.

PNSO Recognising the Importance of the Upper Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation

PNSO recognising the significance of the Hell Creek Formation.
PNSO recognises the significance of the Hell Creek Formation.

Tyrannosaurus rex Dinosaur Model with an Articulated Jaw

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that this eagerly anticipated Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur model would have an articulated lower jaw and that “Wilson” will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in 2021.

PNSO Tyrannosaurus rex Model with an Articulated Jaw

PNSO "Wilson" with an articulated lower jaw.
PNSO “Wilson” the T. rex model has an articulated lower jaw.

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