Rebor T. rex Carcass “Bites the Dust” Pair Plain and Jungle

The Rebor T. rex carcass “Bites the Dust” models are in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  These two figures (jungle and plain colour variants), have arrived at our warehouse and team members have been busy contacting all those customers who asked to be emailed about the latest additions to our inventory and the Rebor range.

A Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex Carcass Model Plain Colour Variant “Bites the Dust”

Rebor T. rex Carcass Bites the Dust - Plain.
The Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur model in 1:35 scale.  The Rebor T. rex carcass “Bites the Dust” – plain.

The Tale of a Theropod Dinosaur that Met Its Demise

From the pathology recorded on the fossilised bones of this apex predator, palaeontologists are fairly certain that T. rex had a very tough life.  It was a question of kill or be killed and it has been suggested that tyrannosaurs were cannibalistic and that these dinosaurs had to cope with vicious intraspecific combats, essentially fights with other tyrannosaurs, possibly over hunting territories, mates or kills.

As hypercarnivores most likely specialising in the hunting of large prey animals such as hadrosaurs and ceratopsians, attacks could go wrong, with perhaps fatal consequences.  We congratulate Rebor for creating such carefully crafted figures.

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The Rebor T. rex Carcass

The Rebor T. rex carcass is available in two colour variants, plain (see photograph above) and jungle (see below).   Each figure measures around 34 cm in length and depicts a dead Tyrannosaurus rex.  They will make really exciting additions to a dinosaur model collection and provide an opportunity for model makers to build some amazing prehistoric animal dioramas.

A Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex Carcass Model Jungle Colour Variant “Bites the Dust”

Rebor T. rex carcass - "Bites the Dust".
The Rebor T. rex carcass in the jungle colour scheme (Bites the Dust).

The Queen Motif Continues

Collectors of Rebor models will notice that the rock group Queen motif continues with the introduction of these two fine figures.  In the spring of 2019, Rebor introduced a pair of T. rex replicas under the title of “Killer Queen” a possible homage to a track and later a single from the British rock band’s “Sheer Heart Attack” album from the mid-1970s.  Queen released a single entitled “Another One Bites the Dust” in 1980, it was a worldwide hit, reaching number 7 in the UK singles chart and topping the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.  We think these two fabulous fatality figures will prove to be a big hit with model collectors and fans of Rebor too.

Everything Dinosaur is Offering the Pair at a Special Discounted Price (Whilst Stocks Last)

Two Rebor replicas. Buy the pair!
Buy the Pair – purchase the Rebor T. rex carcass “Bites the Dust” colour variants plain and jungle.  Everything Dinosaur customers can purchase the pair at a special discounted price (whilst stocks last). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Rebor T. rex carcass “Bites the Dust” plain and colour variants can be found here: Rebor Models and Figures.