Rebor Models and Mojo Dinosaurs Feature in Newsletter

The latest edition of Everything Dinosaur’s newsletter was sent out earlier this week.  Subscribers were amongst the very first in the world to be informed that the spectacular Rebor Dilophosaurus pair “Green Day” and “Oasis” were back in stock.  In addition, the newsletter highlighted the return of the Rebor 1:35 scale “Killer Queen” replica in the jungle colour scheme.  The new range of Mojo Fun dinosaurs, all sixteen of them were featured too!

The Pair of Rebor Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Models “Green Day” and “Oasis” Feature in the Newsletter

Rebor Dilophosaurus dinosaur models "Oasis" and "Green Day".
Buy the Pair! Rebor Dilophosaurus dinosaur models “Green Day” and “Oasis”.  Rebor models feature in the latest Everything Dinosaur newsletter.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Special Offer from Everything Dinosaur

The Rebor Dilophosaurus male “Green Day” and the female “Oasis” are back in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  Buy the pair at a special price!  Just £49.99 (including tax if applicable) plus shipping (price as of June 2020).  Two fantastic Rebor figures – snap up a double of “double crested lizard” to add to your collection.

The Male and Female Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Models from Rebor “Green Day” and “Oasis”

Rebor Dilophosaurus models "Green Day" and "Oasis"
The Rebor Dilophosaurus replicas “Green Day” and “Oasis”.

To view the Rebor range of replicas and figures: Rebor Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.

The Rebor Dilophosaurus Models Are Available Separately

Rebor Dilophosaurus dinosaur models "Green Day" and "Oasis".
Rebor “Green Day” and “Oasis” Dilophosaurus models. These models are available separately and as a pair whilst stocks last.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor “Killer Queen” – Jungle and Sixteen New Dinosaurs from Mojo Fun

One of the top-selling figures over the last year or so has been the Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex replica called “Killer Queen”.  A small number of these excellent T. rex figures have arrived at Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse and our team members have been quick to inform collectors and newsletter fans of their arrival.  This display piece, complete with an articulated jaw measures over 40 centimetres in length, as the song says: “guaranteed to blow your mind”.

Mojo Fun has introduced a total of sixteen new dinosaur models representing dinosaurs from the Jurassic and the Cretaceous.  Our newsletter featured these new releases from Mojo too.

Rebor “Killer Queen” in the Jungle Colour Variant and New Dinosaurs from Mojo

Rebor jungle colour variant "Killer Queen" and new Mojo models.
Rebor “Killer Queen” jungle colour variant and sixteen brand new Mojo dinosaur models in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Fans of the Rebor “Killer Queen” – plain colour variant don’t have long to wait for this model to be back in stock either.  This figure will be back in stock at Everything Dinosaur in July (2020).

Highlighting Mojo Brachiosaurus Deluxe and the Troodontid Model

In the popular Mojo Fun range, collectors are rather spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which models to acquire.  There are lots of new theropods, two Baryonyx figures, a new T. rex plus Spinosaurus, Velociraptors, Allosaurus and one of our personal favourites – a replica of a feathered troodontid dinosaur complete with an articulated jaw.  Herbivorous dinosaurs are well-represented in the new Mojo Fun range as well.  For example, the range includes new models of Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus and Triceratops plus Mamenchisaurus, Mandschurosaurus, Brontosaurus and a beautiful Brachiosaurus deluxe dinosaur model.

Highlighting Mojo Dinosaur Models (Troodontid and the Brachiosaurus Deluxe)

Mojo Brachiosaurus deluxe and the troodontid dinosaur model.
New for 2020 Mojo troodontid and Brachiosaurus deluxe dinosaur models.  New dinosaur models feature in the Everything Dinosaur newsletter. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the amazing range of Mojo Fun dinosaurs and prehistoric animal figures: Mojo Fun Prehistoric and Extinct Animal Models.

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