Wild Past Protoceratops Video Review

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Wild Past Protoceratops Dinosaur Model (Video Review)

Our eagerly anticipated video review of the recently introduced Wild Past Protoceratops dinosaur model is now up on Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel.  In this short video (it lasts six minutes and fifty seconds), we combine a little bit of the science behind the study of this basal neoceratopsian with a review of the actual replica.  The model represents Protoceratops andrewsi, which was named and described back in 1923 (Granger and Gregory).

Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube Video Review of the Wild Past Protoceratops andrewsi Model

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Wild Past Protoceratops Dinosaur Model

The Wild Past Protoceratops (P. andrewsi) model was introduced earlier this year (2020).  It is the first figure in an exciting range of replicas to be introduced by Wild Past.  In our short video review, we comment on the dinosaur model, provide size and scale information and we discuss pricing.  The production run for the Protoceratops is actually very small, not that much bigger than the number of fossil specimens of Protoceratops collected by the American Museum of Natural History expeditions between 1922 and 1925!  We discuss the production run and its effect on product pricing and provide a link in the video notes to where collectors can purchase this model.

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Information about the Price of the Wild Past Protoceratops Dinosaur Model

Wild Past Protoceratops dinosaur model pricing (June 2020).

In the video review, Everything Dinosaur discusses the limited production run and how it has impacted on product pricing.  Pricing correct as of June 2020.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A 1/35th Scale Figure

The video review discusses the two species that are assigned to the Protoceratops genus (P. andrewsi and P. hellenikorhinus).  We explain how a second species was erected and look briefly at the differences between these two species.  In addition, we comment about the 2011 fossil discovery of a nest of Protoceratops andrewsi, complete with the fossilised remains of babies.  Although the American Museum of Natural History field team found dinosaur eggs in association with Protoceratops fossil material in their expeditions of the 1920’s, these eggs were not ceratopsid eggs.

Palaeontologists now know that the eggs the American Museum of Natural History field team found were actually laid by an oviraptorosaur, a clade of very bird-like dinosaurs which will be forever referred to as “egg thief lizards”.

The Wild Past Protoceratops Model is Supplied with a Nest Reflecting Recent Fossil Discoveries

Wild Past Protoceratops dinosaur model.

The Wild Past Protoceratops dinosaur model with nest.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Comparing Triceratops and Protoceratops

Two ceratopsids together.

The Wild Safari Prehistoric World Triceratops model is used to show the size of the Wild Past Protoceratops.  In the Everything Dinosaur YouTube video review, the use of the Wild Safari Prehistoric World Triceratops as a reference for the scale of the Wild Past Protoceratops is commented upon.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

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