A Stroll with a Brachiosaurus

In between the showers, team members at Everything Dinosaur took the opportunity to take some photographs of various different types of sauropod dinosaur model outdoors.  We had been asked by a collector working on an educational project to provide some illustrations of Jurassic sauropods.  Our team members were happy to oblige and we took several shots of various diplodocids, cetiosaurs, mamenchisaurids and members of the Macronaria.  For example, one macronarian that has been photographed by Everything Dinosaur is the Wild Safari Brachiosaurus dinosaur model.

A Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Model Going for a Stroll

Wild Safari Prehistoric World Brachiosaurus.

Wild Safari Prehistoric World Brachiosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Introduced in 2013, this Brachiosaurus figure is similar in colouration and design to the huge Carnegie Collection 1:40 scale Brachiosaurus that was retired back in 2007.  This model, being much smaller, is more economical to produce and better for small children than its heavy and unwieldy Carnegie Collection predecessor.

It may not be huge, but this model still measures over 20 centimetres in length and the head stands a fraction under 21 cm tall.

The Wild Safari Brachiosaurus Model

Wild Safari Brachiosaurus dinosaur model.

A studio shot of the Wild Safari Brachiosaurus model which was first introduced in 2013.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The colouration and mottled markings on the Brachiosaurus certainly helped it to blend into the background of ferns.  It is likely that newly hatched sauropod dinosaurs were camouflaged to help them hide in the undergrowth to avoid the attention of predators.  Over the years, we have built up quite a portfolio of various dinosaur models and prehistoric animal figures.  We were happy to email them over to assist with the educational project.

The Official Image from 2013 of the Wild Safari Brachiosaurus Figure

Wild Safari Brachosaurus dinosaur model.

The Wild Safari Brachiosaurus dinosaur model (lateral view).  The official model image from 2013.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

An International Dinosaur Company

A photograph can say more than words, which is very helpful when Everything Dinosaur has many customers overseas.  As well as taking photographs of various prehistoric animal figures it was suggested that we participated in the educational programme, providing information about the history of dinosaur research and talking about our own company.  We get lots of requests along these lines and if time permits we try to help where we can.

To view the Wild Safari Brachiosaurus dinosaur model and the rest of the long-necked dinosaurs in the model range from Safari Ltd: Wild Safari Prehistoric World Models and Figures.

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