Everything Dinosaur and Rebor Titanoboa

Fans of the excellent Rebor range of replicas and figures may be aware that news has been announced about the release of the eagerly anticipated Rebor Titanoboa (T. cerrejonensis) figure.  Everything Dinosaur team members have kept in close contact with all our suppliers in what are difficult and challenging times for us all.  We commend all the staff at Rebor for managing to get this figure produced and made available.

The Rebor Titanoboa 1:35 Scale Replica “Monty”

"Monty" the Rebor Titanoboa model.

Rebor “Monty” Titanoboa model.

Production Schedule and Availability

The model is scheduled to be available for sending out from the factory to our warehouse in the UK at the end of May.  This means, that if a shipping service is used* then we can expect this item to be available on-line at Everything Dinosaur in July (possibly a little earlier).

*Shipping – air freight may not be possible for this figure. It is important that cargo flights give priority to the global movement of medical equipment, personal protective equipment and other essential items at the time of this worldwide crisis (coronavirus).

This means that these figures may not arrive as promptly as usual, but at this difficult time we are sure our customers can understand the situation and the restrictions on logistics in these unprecedented circumstances.

The Price of Rebor Titanoboa

The published price of this figure for the moment is £29.16 plus VAT if appropriate and postage (pricing may change due to changes in freight prices, currency fluctuations and other factors).

Rebor “Monty” Titanoboa cerrejonensis Model

"Monty" the Rebor Titanoboa model.

Rebor “Monty” Titanoboa model.

Securing your Rebor Titanoboa with Everything Dinosaur

Originally, there were plans to release several colour variants of this 1:35 scale figure.  For the time being, “Monty” will only be available in one colour scheme and stock of this item is limited.

We have a reserve list for this item.  Anyone who has expressed an interest in the Rebor Titanoboa and has been placed on our reserve list will be emailed in the next 24-hours by Everything Dinosaur.

If you wish to join our reserve list for the Rebor Titanoboa, simply send an email to us: Email Everything Dinosaur about Rebor Titanoboa.


  • Rebor Titanoboa “Monty” – likely to be available July 2020 (approximately).
  • Published price at the moment is £29.16 GBP (plus sales tax if appropriate) and postage.
  • One colour variant available.
  • Limited stocks.
  • Everything Dinosaur customers who have already expressed an interest in this model will be emailed by Everything Dinosaur and updated.
  • If you wish to join our reserve list for the Rebor Titanoboa: Email Everything Dinosaur.

Please note our reservation list for the first batch of this model is now closed (25th April 2020)

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