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20 04, 2020

New Mojo Fun Tyrannosaurus rex Deluxe with Articulated Jaw

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Reviewing the Mojo Fun Tyrannosaurus rex Deluxe

The current difficulties we are all experiencing (coronavirus outbreak), are having a significant impact on all our lives.  At Everything Dinosaur, we are doing what we can to continue to work as normally as possible.  Whilst the mail order side of the company is still operating, we are hampered by delays in production both of existing and new for 2020 prehistoric animal models.  Take for example, the Mojo Fun Prehistoric Life model range. 

Mojo Fun Prehistoric Life Models

A lot of work had gone into revamping and extending the company’s range of dinosaur figures.  A total of sixteen new models/colour variants of existing models were due to be introduced this spring.  These have all been delayed due to coronavirus.  Everything Dinosaur is doing all it can to bring these new models into stock, we are optimistic that these figures will be available in a few weeks.

Sixteen New Dinosaur Models Including a Deluxe Tyrannosaurus rex, a Spinosaurus and a Troodontid Due to be Introduced

Lots of new dinosaur models due out soon from Mojo Fun.
The extended range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal models from Mojo Fun.

Picture credit: Mojo Fun (Mojo Fun Prehistoric Life)

In the meantime, the delay has allowed us to get a little creative when it comes to highlighting this range.  With some production models and prototypes around the office, this gave us the opportunity for some collectors and dinosaur enthusiasts to get their hands on a replica long before anybody else.

The Everything Dinosaur website: Visit Everything Dinosaur.

The new for 2020 Mojo Fun Tyrannosaurus rex with an articulated jaw was despatched to Thomas, a student with an ambition to study palaeontology at university, so that he could provide a review of a figure from an expert’s point of view.

Our thanks to Thomas, for his comments and for the excellent photographs he sent us.

Reviewing the Mojo Fun Tyrannosaurus rex with Articulated Jaw

The 2020 Mojo Fun Tyrannosaurus rex is a great improvement upon their previous Red T. rex.  The new 2020 figure is a large figure at around 30 cm or 1 foot long and over 10 cm tall (10.8 cm tall roughly).  The model’s dynamic walking posture can be interpreted in many different ways allowing for several creative scenarios to be made, such as stalking prey, exploring territory, a general walking motion or even pursuing a fleeing prey item.

Stalking Prey or Exploring a Territory – The New for 2020 Mojo Fun Tyrannosaurus rex Deluxe

Mojo Fun Prehistoric Life T. rex Deluxe (2020)
The dynamic walking posture of the new T. rex figure.

Picture credit: Thomas

An Attractive Choice of Colouration

The figure is sturdy and stands well but can have difficulty standing on softer ground (grass) and uneven surfaces such as gravel.  The rusty orange to copper colouration chosen for the figure is an interesting and attractive choice which helps to make the model stand out more amongst other figures and perhaps more appealing to younger minds.

The Texture of the T. rex Replica is Highlighted

Interesting texture on the Mojo Fun Tyrannosaurus rex Deluxe.
The texture of the new for 2020 T. rex is rough with multiple bumpy ridges along the top of the neck, back and halfway down the tail.

Picture credit: Thomas

Ridges Along the Neck, Back and Halfway Down the Tail

The texture of the figure is rough with multiple bumpy ridges along the top of the neck, back and halfway down the tail.  The model is quite firm in hand and has a nice weight to it.  On top of this, the figure is also fairly robust and can endure rough play but the paint job in certain areas of the body can be chipped easily, though, in the case of imaginative play this may give the figure further character as the scrapes can be interpreted as battle scarring.

The Mojo Fun Tyrannosaurus rex has an Articulated Jaw

The Mojo Fun Tyrannosaurus rex Deluxe has an articualted lower jaw.
The new for 2020 Mojo Fun Tyrannosaurus rex Deluxe has an articulated jaw.

Picture credit: Thomas

Eye-catching Colouration

Its eye-catching colouration gives the impression of a fierce animal, something many people might find appealing about this figure.  The articulated jaw feature allows for further creative and imaginative play though it can be a bit loose at times and has a somewhat limited degree of movement.  The overall sculpt of the figure gives off some “Jurassic Park” vibes adding to the figure’s appeal for creative play.  The hands of the figure are not pronated which is a plus.

Plenty of Detail to Admire in the Mojo Fun Tyrannosaurus rex Deluxe

Mojo Fun Tyrannosaurus rex Deluxe with an articulated jaw.
Eye-catching detail of the model with its articulated jaw.

Picture credit: Thomas

Concluding Comments

In conclusion, the 2020 Mojo Fun Tyrannosaurus rex figure is great for imaginative and creative play and is quite durable and robust.  Its relatively high sturdiness also means that on hard surfaces it is unlikely to fall over very easily, an issue that a lot of older theropod figures have, this is achieved by an increase in foot size and a well-balanced figure opting for a more dense plastic allowing for the figure to stand firmly.

Ideal for Imaginative and Creative Play

Great for robust, imaginative play the Mojo Fun Tyrannosaurus rex Deluxe.
Ideal for robust, imaginative play the new for 2020 Mojo Fun Tyrannosaurus rex Deluxe.

Picture credit: Thomas

I would like to thank Everything Dinosaur for providing me with the opportunity to a write a review on this great figure.

Providing a View on the Mojo Fun Tyrannosaurus rex Dinosaur Model

Mojo Fun Tyrannosaurus rex Deluxe reviewed.
A review of Tyrannosaurus rex from top to tail.

Picture credit: Thomas

Our thanks to Thomas for his review and for sending the splendid photographs.

Stock Expected Soon

All sixteen of the new for 2020 Mojo Fun dinosaur models are expected to be in stock soon at Everything Dinosaur.  Naturally, we will do all that we can to keep dinosaur fans and collectors informed about deliveries.

In the meantime, to view the existing range of Mojo Fun Prehistoric Life models: Mojo Fun Prehistoric and Extinct models.

20 04, 2020

Thousands of Helpful and Informative Blog Posts

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4,750 Blog Posts to Help Teachers and those Home Schooling

Today, (April 20th, 2020), for many schools would have been the first day of the summer term.  However, in these extraordinary times (COVID-19), most of the schools in the UK and elsewhere in the world remain closed.  Teachers and teaching assistants and doing all they can to help with home schooling.  Parents and guardians too are in the unusual position of having to organise and manage the home schooling of children.  Team members at Everything Dinosaur have already supplied hundreds of helpful resources with a dinosaur or fossil theme to support science teaching.

The Everything Dinosaur blog has just passed the landmark of 4,750 articles.  These are on-line and free to access providing helpful information about fossil discoveries, research and prehistoric animals.

Celebrating 4,750 Articles on the Everything Dinosaur Weblog

Everything Dinosaur celebrating 4,750 blog posts.
Celebrating 4,750 blog posts. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur Publishes Blog Post Number 4,750

The Everything Dinosaur main blog site is crammed full with helpful information and of the 4,750 articles that have been posted up to date, there are 548 in the education category and a further 287 articles within the teaching category, providing yet more assistance and support as well as a wealth of information to permit the development of lesson plans.

The main blog site of Everything Dinosaur can be found here: Everything Dinosaur’s Main Blog Site.

There is no paywall, there are no fees to pay, each and every day a team member from Everything Dinosaur ensures that there is an article or feature posted up onto the site.  These are all free and available to be used to help support teaching work, lesson plans, subjects and topics.  Readers can use as many of these articles and features as they like.

Easy to Read, Informative and Helpful Articles

The blog certainly covers a wide range of dinosaur and fossil themed subjects.  For example, in the last week team members have produced posts explaining how aeronautical engineers are looking at the fossilised remains of flying reptiles to provide inspirational ideas on drone designs, a study of insect wing cases found in Switzerland has helped answer the question why are some insects iridescent?  Furthermore, the site has looked at Woolly Mammoths, Caribbean frogs, the origins and evolution of hominins and even provided a free crossword to download.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“As well as covering information about our business, the blog has been designed to provide a resource for teachers and the general public to help them learn more about the Earth sciences.  In these challenging times, this is a free-to-use resource that can help support teachers, academics and those people responsible for home schooling.”

With 4,750 articles it certainly is a large site providing support and assistance in these difficult times. We promise to keep posting up more articles.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: The Everything Dinosaur Website.

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