New CollectA Rearing Diplodocus “Turntable Tuesday”

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CollectA Rearing Diplodocus “Turntable Tuesday”

Another week, another “Turntable Tuesday” experience for a prehistoric animal model.  This time, it’s the new for 2020 CollectA rearing Diplodocus model going for a spin on the Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel.  This figure is a new colour variant (elephantine grey), of the original rearing Diplodocus figure that was introduced in 2013.  The beautifully painted sauropod has certainly proved to be a big hit with collectors.

The CollectA Rearing Diplodocus (2020) “Turntable Tuesday”

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

CollectA Rearing Diplodocus

In this short video, (it lasts a little under ninety seconds), we show the model in its rearing pose as well as balanced on four legs.  The CollectA rearing Diplodocus has been beautifully sculpted and it is so well balanced that the model stands on four legs as well as in its rearing pose.  The video also shows how well painted the figure is.  When the 2013 figure was released, it had a very different colour scheme, this new colour variant depicts the colossal Diplodocus in a colour scheme we describe as “elephantine grey”. 

Many large terrestrial tetrapods such as elephants and rhinos tend to be a uniform grey in colour.  Whether large dinosaurs such as the sauropodomorphs shared this colour scheme is open to speculation, but the new 2020 rearing Diplodocus contrasts nicely with the earlier rearing Diplodocus figure.

The New for 2020 CollectA Rearing Diplodocus Model Compared to the 2013 CollectA Diplodocus Release

CollectA Diplodocus Figures
Comparing the new for 2020 grey Diplodocus with the original 2013 figure.  The new for 2020 Diplodocus model is on the left of the picture. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To make this point about the colour scheme chosen for this new model, the Everything Dinosaur “turntable Tuesday” video does feature an elephant!

CollectA Age of Dinosaurs “Prehistoric Life”

Suitable for dinosaur fans and collectors aged three years and over, the Diplodocus stands around twenty-three centimetres high and it is one of the larger models in the CollectA Age of Dinosaurs, popular “Prehistoric Life” range.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We intend to produce at least one new video for the Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel each week.  Our idea for “turntable Tuesday”, is to post up a short video, which is less than two minutes in length that permits collectors and model fans to get a really good look at a prehistoric animal figure.  The turntable allows us to show the animal in three hundred and sixty degrees.  It’s a dinosaur review in the round, providing an all-round perspective.”

A Photograph Showing the New for 2020 CollectA “Prehistoric Life” Rearing Diplodocus Dinosaur Model in Elephantine Grey

CollectA rearing Diplodocus (grey).
The new for 2020 CollectA rearing Diplodocus dinosaur model in the elephantine colour scheme. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

The Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel has over a hundred videos including several “turntable Tuesday” videos and lots of more in-depth prehistoric animal model video reviews.  To visit Everything Dinosaur and to subscribe to the YouTube channel: Everything Dinosaur on YouTube.

To purchase the new for 2020, CollectA rearing Diplodocus in the elephantine colour scheme and to see the rest of the dinosaur and prehistoric animal models available in the CollectA Age of Dinosaurs popular “Prehistoric Life” range: CollectA Prehistoric Life.