Paleo-Creatures Moschops “Turntable Tuesday”

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Paleo-Creatures Moschops “Turntable Tuesday”

It is time to pop into the Everything Dinosaur studio to produce another YouTube video.  This week, it is the Paleo-Creatures Moschops model that is being put through its paces for our “turntable Tuesday” feature.  This is the first time that we have made such a video involving one of the prehistoric animal replicas from the Paleo-Creatures range.

Paleo-Creatures Moschops Highlighted on “Turntable Tuesday”

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Paleo-Creatures Moschops Model

The Paleo-Creatures range features an array of incredible replicas, all designed and individually sculpted by Jesús Toledo, a very talented artist based in Spain. The Paleo-Creatures range includes dinosaurs and some of the more bizarre and astonishing animals from the fossil record, amazing creatures such as Moschops, a 1:20 scale figure of a therapsid, fossils of which come from the famous Karoo Basin of southern Africa.

The Paleo-Creatures Moschops Replica

Paleo-Creatures Moschops replica.

The Paleo-Creatures Moschops figure is in 1:20 scale.  It measures around 12 cm long and the model stands some 8 cm tall.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Paleo-Creatures Moschops figure is supplied with a display base, two plant accessories and a helpful bilingual data card (written in both English and Spanish).

An Exciting Range of Prehistoric Animal Figures

Each and every one of the figures in the Paleo-Creatures range has been individually hand-crafted.  Only a few of each type of model is produced at any time.  The beautifully detailed scale models represent a wide range of extinct creatures, including replicas from the Palaeozoic, such as the Late Permian Moschops, but also the likes of Aegirocassis, an Ordovician anomalocarid, the prehistoric shark Xenacanthus, the astonishing Tullimonstrum and the enormous arthropod Arthropleura.

To view the range of Paleo-Creatures figures and models available from Everything Dinosaur: Paleo-Creatures Models, Replicas and Figures.

The Paleo-Creatures Range of Prehistoric Animal Figures

The Paleo-Creatures range

An assortment of prehistoric animal replicas in the Paleo-Creatures range.  Examples of some of the amazing models of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals within the extensive Paleo-Creatures range.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur on YouTube

The Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel provides lots of helpful information on prehistoric animals including numerous reviews and “turntable Tuesday” videos.  It has already attracted thousands of subscribers, to view the rest of the “turntable Tuesday” series and all the other videos on the Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel: Everything Dinosaur on YouTube.

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Paleo-Creatures Moschops Model

The Paleo-Creatures Moschops model.

The Paleo-Creatures Moschops model comes complete with plant accessories and a display base.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“There are not that many figures of Late Permian therapsids available these days.  It is great to see that Paleo-Creatures have added a replica of Moschops to their already extensive model range.  We look forward to highlighting more models in the Paleo-Creatures range in the very near future on Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel.”

The Paleo-Creatures Moschops Replica on the Turntable Ready for “Turntable Tuesday” at Everything Dinosaur

The Paleo-Creatures Moschops model features on "turntable Tuesday".

Examining the Paleo-Creatures 1:20 sale Moschops model thanks to Everything Dinosaur’s “turntable Tuesday”.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur