4,750 Blog Posts to Help Teachers and those Home Schooling

Today, (April 20th, 2020), for many schools would have been the first day of the summer term.  However, in these extraordinary times (COVID-19), most of the schools in the UK and elsewhere in the world remain closed.  Teachers and teaching assistants and doing all they can to help with home schooling.  Parents and guardians too are in the unusual position of having to organise and manage the home schooling of children.  Team members at Everything Dinosaur have already supplied hundreds of helpful resources with a dinosaur or fossil theme to support science teaching.

The Everything Dinosaur blog has just passed the landmark of 4,750 articles.  These are on-line and free to access providing helpful information about fossil discoveries, research and prehistoric animals.

Celebrating 4,750 Articles on the Everything Dinosaur Weblog

Celebrating 4,750 weblog articles (Everything Dinosaur).

The Everything Dinosaur blog site has 4,750 articles for teachers, teaching assistants and home schoolers to access and they are all free to use.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Everything Dinosaur main blog site is crammed full with helpful information and of the 4,750 articles that have been posted up to date, there are 548 in the education category and a further 287 articles within the teaching category, providing yet more assistance and support as well as a wealth of information to permit the development of lesson plans.

The main blog site of Everything Dinosaur can be found here: Everything Dinosaur’s Main Blog Site.

There is no paywall, there are no fees to pay, each and every day a team member from Everything Dinosaur ensures that there is an article or feature posted up onto the site.  These are all free and available to be used to help support teaching work, lesson plans, subjects and topics.  Readers can use as many of these articles and features as they like.

Easy to Read, Informative and Helpful Articles

The blog certainly covers a wide range of dinosaur and fossil themed subjects.  For example, in the last week team members have produced posts explaining how aeronautical engineers are looking at the fossilised remains of flying reptiles to provide inspirational ideas on drone designs, a study of insect wing cases found in Switzerland has helped answer the question why are some insects iridescent?  Furthermore, the site has looked at Woolly Mammoths, Caribbean frogs, the origins and evolution of hominins and even provided a free crossword to download.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“As well as covering information about our business, the blog has been designed to provide a resource for teachers and the general public to help them learn more about the Earth sciences.  In these challenging times, this is a free-to-use resource that can help support teachers, academics and those people responsible for home schooling.”

With 4,750 articles it certainly is a large site providing support and assistance in these difficult times.

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