Important News – Limited-edition Papo Spinosaurus

The limited-edition Papo Spinosaurus dinosaur model is one of the most eagerly anticipated dinosaur models for years.  Collectors and dinosaur model fans do not have much longer to wait as Everything Dinosaur expects to have this exciting, limited edition model in stock by around December 10th or thereabouts.

The Limited-edition Papo Spinosaurus Dinosaur Model

The limited edition Papo Spinosaurus dinosaur model.
The limited-edition Papo Spinosaurus dinosaur model has an articulated jaw. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The box that this 42 cm long model comes in is huge!  This box is far too large to be sent by airmail, signed or tracked and signed conventional international mail services.  So, to help Everything Dinosaur’s customers overseas we are offering TWO purchase options:

  1. Buy the model in its special edition gift box (fine for UK-based customers, but for customers overseas this would mean expensive postage).
  2. Buy the model without the box, sending the model without the big, cumbersome box drastically reduces postage charges for our customers.

All is explained in this short, five minute video:

Papo Spinosaurus Purchase Options

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Papo Spinosaurus – Two Purchase Options

At Everything Dinosaur, we appreciate this postage dilemma, so team members are prepared to unpack the model for those customers who what to purchase it without the box.  The model can then be sent out at a much reduced postage cost.  It can be despatched by airmail and other postal services, such as the tracked and signed option (which we would recommend for this limited edition figure).

The model, although large, (that beautiful sail on the back stands some nineteen centimetres off the ground at its highest point), can be sent out on its own without the packaging using conventional international mail with Everything Dinosaur.  If the model is taken out of its box and despatched, the overseas postage costs are very much reduced.

Summarising the Purchase Options Available at Everything Dinosaur

Papo Spinosaurus purchase options.
Papo Spinosaurus – two purchase options.  Option 1 purchase the model in the box, or option 2 purchase the model without the box. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

If the model is sent without the presentation box, it will be packed by Everything Dinosaur to ensure that the figure is protected and it will not have a product tag, this boxed model has no product tag associated with it.

With the mail services getting increasingly busy as we head towards the 25th December, customers can even message Everything Dinosaur when placing an order and let them know to delay sending out their parcel in order to avoid the risk of their purchase getting mislaid by the mail network in the Christmas rush.

Ensuring all the Cardboard and Plastic in the Presentation Box is Recycled

Everything Dinosaur is currently working towards 100% recycling of all wastepaper and cardboard at the company.  This is a key component of our environmental policy.  There is a lot of cardboard and plastic packaging associated with the Papo Spinosaurus presentation box.  Customers can be assured that we have put in place plans to ensure that all the cardboard and plastic from any boxes that have had the model removed will be recycled.

We have had to commission a special box to accommodate all those customers who want to purchase the model within its presentation box (we show this new packaging in the video), as part of our environmental policy we have sourced this box from a supplier that has used 70% recycled cardboard in its construction.  Only the facia elements are not made from recycled card, these in turn, have been produced from wood pulp from sustainable forests.

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