New Eofauna Scientific Research Atlasaurus Model in Stock

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Eofauna Atlasaurus Model Available from Everything Dinosaur

The latest model in the Eofauna Scientific Research range, a replica of the bizarre sauropod Atlasaurus is available to purchase at Everything Dinosaur.  This is the fifth model in the prehistoric animal range and the second dinosaur following the introduction of a Giganotosaurus replica earlier this year.

The Eofauna Atlasaurus Model

The Eofauna Atlasaurus Model Available from Everything Dinosaur

The Eofauna Scientific Research Atlasaurus dinosaur model.
Atlasaurus (Eofauna Scientific Research).  A beautiful model of a very strange, long-necked dinosaur available from Everything Dinosaur.

Eofauna Scientific Research Models

Since the first figure in this range was introduced, a replica of a Steppe Mammoth (Mammuthus trogontherii) in the autumn of 2017, model collectors and devotees of prehistoric animal figures have become firm fans of the Eofauna range.  There are now five prehistoric animal models in this range, all of them available from Everything Dinosaur.

The Eofauna Scientific Research Prehistoric Animal Model Range (November 2019)

Five Eofauna Scientific Research prehistoric animal models.
The five Eofauna Scientific Research prehistoric animal models.  Can you name them all?

The picture (above) shows all the five Eofauna Scientific Research models that are currently available (as of November 2019).

From left to right:

  • Straight-tusked elephant (Palaeoloxodon antiquus) launched summer 2018.
  • Steppe Mammoth model (Mammuthus trogontherii) launched autumn 2017.
  • Atlasaurus dinosaur model (Atlasaurus imelakei) launched November 2019.
  • Deinotherium (Deinotherium giganteum) launched October 2019.
  • Giganotosaurus (Giganotosaurus carolinii) launched January 2019.

The Atlasaurus figure is certainly the tallest model in this range that Eofauna have produced.  It stands a little under 23 cm high, but it is not the longest, for the moment the 39 cm long Giganotosaurus holds that particular record.

As with the vast majority of all the named prehistoric animal figures that Everything Dinosaur supplies, a dinosaur fact sheet has been researched and produced.  The fact sheet will be sent out with purchases of the Atlasaurus dinosaur.

A Fact Sheet Providing Information About Atlasaurus imelakei Has Been Prepared

Everything Dinosaur Atlasaurus fact sheet.
Part of the Atlasaurus dinosaur fact sheet prepared by Everything Dinosaur team members. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

Atlasaurus imelakei

When first described around twenty years ago, this strange dinosaur was thought to be a member of the primitive sauropod family, the Cetiosauridae.  Affinities with the brachiosaurids were proposed, but a review of the African fossil material previously ascribed to the genus Brachiosaurus but now assigned to Giraffatitan changed the taxonomic picture somewhat for Atlasaurus.

Many palaeontologists think that Atlasaurus should be classified as a member of the unranked clade Turiasauria.  The Turiasauria consists of an assortment of sauropods, most of which are known from European fossil material.  Turiasaurians were once thought to have been restricted to Europe but Moabosaurus (Utah), which was scientifically described in 2017, has extended the geographical range into North America and there have been some fossils from Tanzania also placed within the Turiasauria clade (Tendaguria).

Scientists continue to debate the constituents of the Turiasauria and where this unranked clade should be placed within the Sauropodomorpha.  After all, if Atlasaurus is anything to go by, these types of dinosaurs were quite unusual.  For example, Atlasaurus had a disproportionately large skull, a relatively short neck for its size and proportionately long limbs.

The Atlasaurus Dinosaur Model (Eofauna Scientific Research)

Close-up view of the beautifully painted head of the Eofauna Scientific Research Atlasaurus model.
A close-up view of the beautifully painted head of the Eofauna Scientific Research Atlasaurus model. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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