A Customised CollectA Edaphosaurus

More pictures have been sent into Everything Dinosaur showing how a prehistoric animal model can be made into a truly unique piece.  Our thanks once again to model and figure collector Elizabeth who gave us access to some photographs of her recently customised CollectA Edaphosaurus model.  Having purchased the figure from Everything Dinosaur, the model was dispatched to professional model maker Martin Garratt for a custom makeover.  We think the results are awesome!

The Customised CollectA Edaphosaurus Model

CollectA Edaphosaurus on a custom-made base.
A customised CollectA Edaphosaurus replica.

Picture credit: Elizabeth

Edaphosaurus Model Presented on a Base

As well as carrying out a spectacular paintjob on the figure, Martin has constructed a base complete with representatives of Permian vegetation to help make this herbivorous synapsid feel at home.

Fine Details on the Custom-made Base (CollectA Edaphosaurus)

A customised CollectA Edaphosaurus.
A customised CollectA Edaphosaurus replica.  A clear view of the fine detailing on the base.

Picture credit: Elizabeth

Presenting a prehistoric animal figure on a base allows the model maker to add an extra dimension to the project and provides fine details and finishing touches.

A View of the Skilfully Painted Tail of the Edaphosaurus Model

The tail of the customised CollectA Edaphosaurus.
A customised CollectA Edaphosaurus replica.  A close-up view of the tail.

Picture credit: Elizabeth

Commenting on her figure, collector Elizabeth stated:

“I love the way Martin [Martin Garratt] graded the colour on the tail.”

Painting the Throat of a Pelycosaur

CollectA have stated that they intend to introduce more models of animals that lived during the Palaeozoic into their figure range.  The Edaphosaurus follows on from a beautifully crafted Dimetrodon figure that came out last year.  Thanks to Elizabeth’s photographs we can all appreciate the work that has gone into creating this stunning Edaphosaurus.

A View of the Carefully Painted Throat of the CollectA Edaphosaurus Model

A beautifully painted throat (CollectA Edaphosaurus).
A customised CollectA Edaphosaurus replica.  A closer view of that beautifully painted throat that really brings out the detailed scales on the CollectA figure.

Picture credit: Elizabeth

Model collector Elizabeth added:

“I tried to get underneath him to show the lovely work on his throat and the spots on his cheek”.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated, these close-up views highlight the excellent brush work as well as showcasing the wonderful scale texture that CollectA have incorporated into their model.

The CollectA Model Viewed from the Side

Detailing on the sail - CollectA Edaphosaurus.
A customised CollectA Edaphosaurus replica.  Note the washes used to highlight the sail and to provide a wet-look to the model.

Picture credit: Elizabeth

The Off-the-Shelf CollectA Edaphosaurus Model

CollectA Edaphosaurus model.
The CollectA 1:20 scale Edaphosaurus model.

Our thanks once again to Elizabeth for sharing her pictures of the customised Edaphosaurus with us.  To view the CollectA Edaphosaurus and other prehistoric animal figure models in this series: CollectA Prehistoric Life Figures and Replicas.

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