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1 06, 2019

Update on the Limited-edition Papo Spinosaurus

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Update on the Limited-edition Papo Spinosaurus

The limited-edition Papo Spinosaurus model has been delayed and the original launch date for this eagerly awaited dinosaur figure has been put back with a release date now estimated at August/September.  Everything Dinosaur remains heavily committed to this figure and by delaying this figure by a few weeks, this does permit both Papo and ourselves to ensure a successful roll out of other new for 2019 Papo models such as the Gorgosaurus, the new colour variant Stegosaurus and the Pentaceratops model.

Latest news:  Now likely to be in stock in October.

Papo Spinosaurus Figure Delayed

Spinosaurus dinosaur model from Papo
The awesome Papo Spinosaurus dinosaur model.  Delayed until August/September 2019. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Technical Issues

Technical issues have been cited as the reason for the delay.  With such an eagerly anticipated dinosaur figure, we are confident that design team at Papo and the production staff would be wanting to create the very best, most detailed model possible and therefore it may be sensible to take a little longer with the production process and the design of the special box that this figure will be presented in.

Everything Dinosaur team members have been involved in detailed discussions concerning the boxing of this figure.  As a business, we are trying to cut down on single use cardboard as part of our environmental policy, aiming to maintain our excellent record when it comes to recycling cardboard and paper.  However, a spokesperson from Papo’s senior management commented that the gift box “really highlights the premium value of this limited-edition item” and added that “it’s also a good protection against shocks during the shipment.”

Papo Spinosaurus aegyptiacus Part of the French Technical Document

Papo Spinosaurus en Francais,
Papo limited-edition Spinosaurus, technical document.  The model has been delayed a release date is now expected August/September 2019.  The design of the gift box can be seen on the right.

Same Papo Spinosaurus Model – New Delivery Date

Team members at Everything Dinosaur are hopeful that the first production samples will be ready for inspection in late July.  The expected delivery of models ready for sale to the wider public should be August/September, if Everything Dinosaur receives further information and updates, these will be published on this blogsite as well as on the company’s various social media platforms.

The Papo Spinosaurus (S. aegyptiacus) Dinosaur Model is Expected August/September

Papo Spinosaurus model due August/Septermber 2019.
The Papo Spinosaurus (S. aegyptiacus) dinosaur model is now expected August/September. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“All those people who are on Everything Dinosaur’s priority reserve list will still be offered a model, nothing has changed for them in terms of being guaranteed the chance to purchase this limited edition figure.”

The spokesperson went onto add:

“We have a meeting with Papo in a couple of weeks’ time, we hope to receive further information and if there is any additional news regarding this model or indeed any of the other new for 2019 figures such as the Papo Pentaceratops, the Gorgosaurus or the new colour variant Stegosaurus, we shall be sure to pass this information onto our customers”.

To view the range of Papo prehistoric animal models and figures available from Everything Dinosaur: Papo Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Figures.

Update – now likely to be in stock in October 2019.

1 06, 2019

The Six Stages of Play Explained

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Outlining the Six Stages of Play

As teachers, we know that creative, imaginative play is very important to help young minds develop.  Our congratulations to Safari Ltd for helping to promote the six stages of play as identified by the American sociologist Mildred Parten who defined six stages of play during her extensive research examining how children develop their social skills.

Helping to Educate and Inform about the Importance of Play

The first three stages of play.
Outlining the stages of play.

Picture credit: Safari Ltd

Play is Very Important

Researchers such as Dr Parten noted that as children develop, their style of play alters.  She identified six, distinct stages of play, the first four or which are focused around individual play.  As children grow-up the way that they play changes.  The latter stages (Associative and Co-operative), involve more complex play with much more interaction with other children.

The Second Set of Play Stages (Stage 4 to Stage 6)

The stages of play.
The stages of play (stage 4 to stage 6).

Picture credit: Safari Ltd

The Stages of Play and their Importance in the Classroom

Teaching teams working with Early Years (EYFS), know the importance of play.  It is not just a way for children to have fun but it is extremely important to help them develop and practice personal and social skills.  When we visit schools, we observe many examples of creative play having been devised by the teachers and their teaching assistants.  Structured play helps young minds to mature and helps children to interact with others and the wider world.

Our congratulations to Safari Ltd for publishing helpful literature on this important subject.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

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