The New Limited-edition Papo Spinosaurus – Further Update

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Limited-edition Papo Spinosaurus – Further Update

At Everything Dinosaur, we try our best to keep model collectors and fans of dinosaur figures up to date with developments in the industry.  One of the most eagerly anticipated dinosaur models in years, the limited-edition Papo Spinosaurus, has been subject to further delays and it is not likely to be in stock until October (October 2019).

The Limited-edition Papo Spinosaurus – Expected October 2019

Limited edition Papo Spinosaurus (October 2019).
The limited-edition Papo Spinosaurus is now expected in October 2019. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Papo Spinosaurus in Stock October 2019

At a recent meeting with senior Papo team members, Everything Dinosaur pressed for an update on the new for 2019 prehistoric animal figures due to be added to the company’s “Les Dinosaures” range.  Prior to this most recent meeting, Everything Dinosaur had been informed that this figure was due to be launched in August/September.  We put out a release about this at the beginning of this month (June 2019), however, according to the latest information, the figure’s production and painting has been subject to further delays and this figure is not due to be released until October.

Papo Spinosaurus – An Eagerly Anticipated Dinosaur Model

Papo Spinosaurus (limited edition dinosaur model).
Papo Spinosaurus spotted at a trade show.  Papo Spinosaurus (limited edition dinosaur model). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We are working closely with Papo to ensure that production of these figures runs as smoothly as possible, Papo want to produce a truly spectacular dinosaur model and have been working hard to manage the production process.  As soon as we have further information about this eagerly anticipated prehistoric animal replica we will ensure that this information is posted up onto this blog and our various other social media platforms.”

Production Samples

During a very productive meeting with Papo, a number of important issues were discussed.  It is likely that the first production samples will be available late July, these will come straight from the factory and team members at Everything Dinosaur will be able to examine them and to post up further information and pictures.  At least that is the plan, but with a complicated large figure such as this Spinosaurus (it measures more than forty centimetres in length), some further delays could occur.

We are able to confirm that this figure will be provided in a special presentation box and the model will stand nearly seventeen centimetres tall (measuring the height of the sail).

Tale of the Tape the Papo Spinosaurus

The actual Papo Spinosaurus (S. aegyptiacus) measurements are:

length = 40.3 cm, width 10.5 cm and height (height of sail) 16.5 cm.

The new colour variant Papo Stegosaurus model is expected to arrive at the Everything Dinosaur warehouse very shortly, with the Pentaceratops and the Gorgosaurus models to follow later.

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