CollectA Caiuajara Gets a Special Makeover

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CollectA Caiuajara Pterosaur Model Gets Customised

Our thanks to dinosaur and prehistoric animal model collector Elizabeth who sent into Everything Dinosaur some photographs of her recent CollectA pterosaur purchase that she has had customised by a professional model maker and artist.  The pterosaur figure is the recently introduced (spring 2019), CollectA Supreme Deluxe Caiuajara model.  This figure has been highly praised by collectors and fans of prehistoric animals, but when placed in the hands of a professional model maker this figure can be customised and elevated to a higher level.

The CollectA Deluxe Caiuajara Pterosaur Model After the Makeover

A customised CollectA Caiuajara model.
The CollectA Deluxe Caiuajara pterosaur figure (custom painted).

Picture credit: Elizabeth

Caiuajara Model Custom Painted

At Everything Dinosaur, we tend to get a lot of pictures of models that have been custom painted or altered by their owners in some way.  We marvel at how clever and creative these people are.    The CollectA Deluxe Caiuajara figure is very impressive, but the professional model maker (Martin Garratt),  has created a truly unique piece, one that would not be out of place in a museum collection.  Our congratulations to Martin for his excellent work and our thanks to Elizabeth for sharing images of the commission.

The Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

The CollectA Deluxe Caiuajara (Out of the Box)

CollectA Deluxe Caiuajara with moveable jaw.
The Age of Dinosaurs Deluxe Caiuajara pterosaur figure with a moveable jaw.

Colour Vision and Feathers

Recent research has suggested that members of the Pterosauria may have been feathered in a similar way as dinosaurs.  There is growing evidence to indicate that the common ancestor of the dinosaurs and pterosaurs may have evolved a coat of simple feathers to help this active animal keep warm.

To read an article outlining the latest evidence that supports the idea that feathers first evolved in the Early Triassic: Feathers Came First Then Birds Evolved.

A Closer View of that Beautifully Detailed Head Crest

Customised Caiuajara.
CollectA Caiuajara has been customised.

Picture credit: Elizabeth

A Pterosaur Starting Point

When it comes to customising a figure or model, it is very important to work with a highly accurate and well-made model in the first place.  If the figure has approximately the right proportions and has an intriguing pose that is anatomically accurate, then this permits the model maker the opportunity to really enhance the figure to create something truly unique.

Standing around twenty-four centimetres high, the CollectA Deluxe Caiuajara is quite sizeable and it has provided the model maker with lots of scope to really bring out the model’s features.  Martin’s choice of colour scheme is very effective and the use of starkly contrasting colours highlights that colour was most important to these flying reptiles and supports the idea that these active animals had colour vision.

The Model Maker has chosen a Vivid Colour Palette and Used a High Gloss Wash to Bring out Details

CollectA Deluxe Caiuajara (customised).
A customised CollectA Caiuajara model.

Picture credit: Elizabeth

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Our thanks to Elizabeth for sharing these photographs with us, this figure will make a marvellous addition to her model collection.”

To view the CollectA Caiuajara figure and the rest of the models in the CollectA Deluxe range: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life.