Illustrating a Papo Smilodon Figure

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Illustrating a Papo Sabre-Toothed Cat

Our thanks to Maurizio for sending into us a beautiful illustration of the Papo Smilodon model.  We have been lucky to have received several drawings from Maurizio in the past but this is the first illustration of a prehistoric mammal that we have been sent.

Maurizio’s Smilodon (Sabre-Toothed Cat) Drawing

Papo Smilodon model illustrated.
An illustration of the Papo Smilodon model.

Picture credit: Maurizio

Our thanks to Maurizio for sending in this drawing, we were able to recognise which model the drawing represents, we have posted up a picture of the actual Papo Smilodon figure (see below).

The Papo Smilodon Figure

Papo Smilodon.
Papo Smilodon from Everything Dinosaur.

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A Smilodon Model Illustration

In Maurizio’s illustration the cat has its claws out ready for action, Smilodon, like most species of big cat were able to retract their claws, the exception in the big cat family is the Cheetah (Acinonyx spp.), Cheetahs can only partially retract their claws.  The genus name “Acinonyx” is an approximate translation from two Greek words that together mean “immobile claws”.

To read more about the claws of Smilodon spp.: The Claws of Sabre-Tooth Cats – Were They Tree Climbers?

Our thanks once again to Maurizio for taking the time and the trouble to send into us a wonderful drawing of a Smilodon.

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