Examining a Jaw Fragment from a Dimetrodon

Team members at Everything Dinosaur had the opportunity to examine a jaw fragment from a Dimetrodon whilst on a visit to the National Museum (Cardiff).  This fossil, from a genus not associated with the British Isles, was part of an exhibit highlighting different types of reptile that existed prior to the evolution of the first dinosaurs.  Although, many museums around the world have extensive Dimetrodon fossil collections, it was pleasing to be able to have a really good look at the piece of jaw bone up close.

On Display at the National Museum Cardiff – A Fragment of the Jaw from a Dimetrodon

A Jaw fragment from a Dimetrodon.
A close-up view of a jaw fragment from a Dimetrodon (Dimetrodon spp.). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Examining Dimetrodon

The teeth sockets can be identified and although the bone has some rather ominous looking cracks, two of the teeth have been preserved in situ.  We suspect that this is a piece from the dentary (lower jaw), Everything Dinosaur staff were unable to identify the Dimetrodon species from this fossil.  Unfortunately, the accompanying information panel did not provide details of where the fossil was found or which Dimetrodon species it had been assigned to.

An Illustration of Dimetrodon is Included in the Exhibit

Dimetrodon jaw fragment fossil.
The Dimetrodon jaw fragment exhibit at the National Museum (Cardiff). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dimetrodon not a Dinosaur but Everything Dinosaur Likes to Feature this Pelycosaur

When posting up images of prehistoric animals like Dimetrodon on social media platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram, Everything Dinosaur is sometimes challenged and asked why a company so associated with the Dinosauria should post up images of a creature that was not closely related to dinosaurs?  However, as we provide such as wide variety of prehistoric animal models and figures, there is bound to be a bit of overspill out of the Dinosauria and into other tetrapods, indeed, we also supply models of plants, various extinct mammals and of course, plenty of Palaeozoic critters too!

Instagram Pictures of Dimetrodon Models Often Get Commented Upon

A large Dimetrodon model.
A large Dimetrodon model, although not a dinosaur, this type of animal is frequently featured in Everything Dinosaur’s social media posts. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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