Dinosaurs Helping to Encourage Tactile, Creative Play

Spotted this simple but very effective play area whilst on a visit to a school to conduct a series of dinosaur and fossil themed workshops with Reception classes.  The teaching team had laid out a number of play areas related to the term topic of dinosaurs.  One play area involved the children building their own “dinosaur world”.

Tactile Exploration and Developing Creative Play

Foundation Stage children use dinosaurs in creative play.

Exploring the properties of materials, exploring dinosaurs.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Such a play area encourages creative play, the concept of sharing and working together (note the simple guideline provided as to how many children can play at this station at any one time).  The children have the opportunity to explore a range of materials and different types of dinosaur model.  This is a great resource for children to help them learn about the properties of materials and of great assistance to kinaesthetic orientated learners.

A simple play area with dinosaur models and other tactile objects helps children to explore the properties of materials.  This is a wonderful resource to help encourage creative, independent, imaginative play.

It is an example of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals helping to encourage creative play amongst Foundation Stage children.

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