Year 5 Learning About Extinction and Evolution

Whilst on a visit to the West Midlands to work with two classes of Year 5 children who had been learning about evolution and extinction this term, our dinosaur expert spotted some super prehistoric animal themed posters on display.  The pupils had been challenged to produce a piece of independent work related to their term topic “Jurassic World” and many had chosen to compile posters depicting prehistoric animals and listing lots of dinosaur themed facts.

A Very Informative Dinosaur Poster (Year 5)

Dinosaur poster.

A super and most informative dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed poster by Mustafa (Year 5).

Picture Credit: Mustafa and Oasis Academy Short Heath (Birmingham)

Mustafa confidently told our dinosaur and fossil expert that Tyrannosaurus rex lived to about thirty years of age.  Mustafa and his friends were surprised to learn how many teeth T. rex had and that palaeontologists think that female Tyrannosaurs grew up to be bigger and stronger than the males.

Colourful Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Posters on Display in the Classroom

Dinosaur posters on display in a classroom.

Amazing dinosaur and prehistoric animal posters.  With lots and lots of carefully researched dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed facts.

Picture Credit: Year 5 Oasis Academy Short Heath (Birmingham)

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