Bring Back the Original Papo Green Standing T. rex?

In one of our recent discussions with the management team at Papo, Everything Dinosaur team members were asked to provide feedback on the introduction for 2019 of the Papo brown running T. rex dinosaur model.  Tyrannosaurs have been a staple of the Papo range ever since their first Tyrannosaurus rex, the famous green standing T. rex figure was introduced.  Sales of the brown running Tyrannosaurus rex continue to be strong, but this got us thinking, what if Papo was to produce a limited production run of their original T. rex model?

The Iconic Papo Standing T. rex Dinosaur Model

The Papo Green Standing T. rex dinosaur model.
The last of its kind, the Papo green standing T. rex dinosaur model.

The Papo Green T. rex is Officially Retired

The original Papo T. rex was officially retired after the 2011 production run, however, Everything Dinosaur was able to use its influence to acquire the very last stocks of this dinosaur replica, but these very soon sold out.  With its articulated lower jaw and peg-like, blunt teeth, this award winning dinosaur model had been very popular with young dinosaur fans and model collectors.  It was replaced by the brown colour variant with a new head sculpt in May 2012, but Everything Dinosaur still receives periodic requests from model fans eager to get hold of this dinosaur figure.

Since then, the Papo range of prehistoric animal replicas has expanded considerably, but as the Papo imagery associated with their first “tyrant lizard king” seems to be out of copyright, young dinosaur fans have been increasingly exposed to images of this figure, but unable to obtain it.

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At the time the original green standing T. rex figure from Papo was retired, a spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“The Papo model T. rex with the product code 55001, has been replaced with a new, brown coloured version, but we have been inundated with requests to see if we could get hold of any models.  It is pleasing to note that our influence and relationship with Papo is strong and we have been able to secure the remaining stock.”

The question is whether with the introduction of a brown running T. rex figure, should Papo bring back the original green standing T. rex?

The Papo Green Standing T. rex Dinosaur Model – Long Extinct but Should it Come Back?

The Papo green standing T. rex dinosaur model.
The Papo green standing T. rex dinosaur model. Should we start a campaign to re-introduce this long extinct figure? Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Should Papo bring back for a limited time their original green standing Tyrannosaurus rex?

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