Nursery Class Make Fossils

The children in the Nursery Class at Hilton Lane Primary (Worsley, Manchester), are learning all about dinosaurs and fossils along with the Reception-aged children at this “good school” as officially rated by Ofsted.  One of Everything Dinosaur’s experts was invited along to meet the children and following a workshop with the Reception class in the school’s spacious and well-appointed hall, he was invited to visit the Nursery located on nearby Prescott street.  The Nursery class were keen to show their visitor the clay dinosaur fossils that they had made.

The Nursery Class at Hilton Lane Primary School Have Been Busy Making Fossils

Dinosaur fossils on display at a nursery.
Dinosaur fossils on display at a nursery. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Clay Dinosaur Fossils and Exploring Materials

Under the expert tutelage of Miss Bolton and with the support of the teaching assistant Miss Wall, the enthusiastic, young palaeontologists were keen to show what they had made.  Making clay fossils is a great way for the children to learn about the properties of materials.  This exercise forms part of a diverse and challenging scheme of work that the teaching team had prepared.

In the recent Ofsted report the quality of the teaching was described as “consistently good” and the progress made by the pupils was commented upon.  The Ofsted report also highlighted the careful planning conducted by the teaching team.  Teachers know in detail what pupils already know and can do, they take this into account when devising their lessons.

Clay Fossils Created by the Nursery Class

Dinosaur fossils created by a nursery class.
Dinosaur fossil created by Hilton Lane Primary Nursery class. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Confident Learners, Attentive Listeners and Lots of Pre-knowledge

The children confidently explained about herbivores and carnivores and enjoyed handling the dinosaur plant food that had been brought along.  Fossils felt cold and they were very hard, just like a stone.  They were as hard as the hard hat that one of the children wore when the clothing of a palaeontologist was explored.  The Nursery children have their very own soft toy Triceratops to look after.  She is called Trudy and we think Trudy would be most impressed by the knowledge about dinosaurs demonstrated by the children.

Looks like the Foundation Stage classes at Hilton Lane Primary are going to have a great time learning all about dinosaurs this term.

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