New Rebor Hatching Baryonyx Reviewed by JurassicCollectables

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Limited Edition Club Selection Rebor Hatching Baryonyx Reviewed by JurassicCollectables

The limited edition Club Selection hatching Baryonyx figure by Rebor has been given the video review treatment by those talented people at JurassicCollectables.  Following on from their very informative and helpful video review of the new for 2019 Schleich Spinosaurus model, JurassicCollectables have focused their camera lenses on this limited edition hatching dinosaur from Rebor.

JurassicCollectables Reviews the Rebor Club Selection Limited Edition Hatching Baryonyx “Hurricane”

Video credit: JurassicCollectables

“Hurricane” – Rebor Hatching Baryonyx

There have only been a 1,000 of these models made and the narrator begins the video by highlighting the box and the packaging.  Comments are made about taking care when it comes to removing the model out of the protective foam.  Those beautifully sculpted claws on this substantial figure might catch and get damaged, so the narrator emphasises the need to take care when opening the box and taking out the model and its accessories for the first time.

The New for 2019 Limited Edition Club Selection Rebor Hatching Baryonyx

Hatching Baryonyx by Rebor.
The Rebor limited edition Club Selection hatching Baryonyx “Hurricane”.

Why Hurricane?

At Everything Dinosaur, we have been asked why does this dinosaur figure have the nickname “Hurricane”?  Baryonyx (B. walkeri) is known from sediments that were deposited in a low-lying, flood plain environment.  When Baryonyx roamed that part of the world that we now know as the Isle of Wight, for example, large rivers meandered slowly eastwards to the sea.  This location would have been subjected to tropical storms and hurricanes from time to time and such events would have had a devastating effect on the environment.  Dinosaurs like Baryonyx would have had to endure such violent weather, so the term “Hurricane” is appropriate.  However, there is another reason for this Rebor figure’s nickname…

Unpacked and Set Up the Rebor Limited Edition Club Selection Hatching Baryonyx “Hurricane”

Ready for display, the Rebor hatching Baryonyx figure "Hurricane".
The Rebor Hatching Baryonyx dinosaur model ready for display. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaurs and a Famous English Football Captain

“Hurricane” honours Harry Kane, the Tottenham Hotspur and England forward.  Harry Kane is the current captain of the England football team and he helped England reach two semi-finals in 2018.  Hence this football themed dinosaur replica from Rebor, it celebrates England reaching the World Cup semi-final as well as their qualification for the semi-finals of the inaugural UEFA Nations League.

In the Video, JurassicCollectables Showcase Many Features of the Model Including the Very Life-like Eyes

He head of the Rebor hatching Baryonyx "Hurricane".
A close-up view of the glossy eye of the Rebor hatching Baryonyx figure.  In the video review, the narrator talks about the details on the head and paint scheme to be found on the inside of the mouth.

Picture credit: JurassicCollectables

JurassicCollectables have a fascinating YouTube channel.  It has attracted nearly 80,000 subscribers.  For video reviews of Rebor figures and lots of other prehistoric animal models, Everything Dinosaur recommends subscribing to JurassicCollectables: Subscribe to JurassicCollectables on YouTube.

A Detailed Video Review of the Rebor Hatching Baryonyx

In the detailed video review, the narrator comments over the subtle use of a wash that gives the replica a wet look, just like a newly hatched animal.  The shape of the egg is discussed and how to position it on its base is demonstrated and JurassicCollectables comment on the delicately shaped and realistic looking vegetation that is included with the figure.  Off-colour Alan makes his customary appearance and the recently reviewed Schleich 2019 Spinosaurus is included so that viewers can gain an appreciation as to just how big this hatching Baryonyx actually is.

The Rebor Hatching Baryonyx “Hurricane” Compared in Size to the Schleich Spinosaurus Model (2019)

Comparing the 2019 Schleich Spinosaurus to the Rebor Club Selection hatching Baryonyx.
The Schleich Spinosaurus (2019) compared with the Rebor Club Selection hatching Baryonyx.

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