Preparing for the CollectA Supreme Deluxe Caiuajara

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CollectA Supreme Deluxe Caiuajara

Everything Dinosaur team members are preparing for the arrival in the next few weeks or so of the CollectA Supreme Deluxe Caiuajara pterosaur model.  This beautiful and most impressive figure of a Cretaceous flying reptile from Brazil is going to be one of the first of the new for 2019 CollectA figures that arrive in our warehouse.  As part of our preparations, team members have been busy researching and writing a fact sheet all about this weird and wonderful member of the Pterosauria.

Everything Dinosaur’s Illustration of the Pterosaur Caiuajara

Everything Dinosaur has produced an illustration of the pterosaur called Caiuajara.
The CollectA Supreme Deluxe Caiuajara pterosaur illustration.  This drawing will be used by Everything Dinosaur when they produce a Caiuajara fact sheet which will accompany sales of this amazing model. A stunning illustration of the CollectA Caiuajara. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A CollectA Speciality (CollectA Caiuajara)

Large replicas of pterosaurs are becoming a bit of a CollectA speciality.  When stocks of this 2019 figure arrive at our warehouse, it will be joining two other CollectA Supreme Deluxe pterosaur models.  CollectA introduced a 1:4 scale replica of a Chinese member of the Ornithocheiridae family – Guidraco back in 2015.  This was followed in 2017 by the award winning CollectA Supreme Deluxe Dimorphodon model.  All three models will have moveable, articulated jaws.

The Colourful CollectA Supreme Deluxe Caiuajara Pterosaur Model (New for 2019)

CollectA Deluxe Caiuajara with moveable jaw.
The Age of Dinosaurs Supreme Deluxe Caiuajara pterosaur figure with a moveable jaw.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the range of CollectA Supreme Deluxe and CollectA Deluxe scale models of prehistoric animals in stock at Everything Dinosaur: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life.

Pronouncing Caiuajara

When this pterosaur was formally named and described back in 2014, it caused quite a sensation amongst palaeontologists who specialise in studying the Pterosauria.  It is quite usual to have just a few fragments of bone to study, but in this case, the fossilised remains of more than forty individuals were recovered from a dig site in south-eastern Brazil.

This flying reptile had a remarkable crest, shaped a bit like the wing of a butterfly.  The fossil site was interpreted as a stop-over location as these animals migrated.  They were very competent flyers travelling great distances, so it is appropriate that the new for 2019 Caiuajara figure is travelling a great distance from the factory to our UK warehouse.

To read Everything Dinosaur’s 2014 article about the naming and scientific description of Caiuajara: New Species of Flying Reptile Identified from a Pterosaur Graveyard.

The fact sheet we are going to produce will also include a guide to pronunciation.  The genus name of this pterosaur is pronounced “Kay-you-ah-jar-rah”.  The CollectA Supreme Deluxe Caiuajara with moveable jaw measures around 19 centimetres in length and with that impressive and colourful crest the model’s height is about 23.5 cm.

We look forward to welcoming the CollectA Caiuajara model into our CollectA portfolio.

To contact Everything Dinosaur about prehistoric animal fact sheets and other matters: Email Everything Dinosaur.