Reception Classes at Mansfield Green E-ACT Academy Explore Dinosaurs

The eager young pupils in the two Reception classes (Bees and Caterpillars), at Mansfield Green E-ACT Academy (Birmingham, West Midlands), have been learning all about dinosaurs and life in the past this term.  Under the tutelage of the enthusiastic teaching team, the budding palaeontologists have been exploring dinosaurs and using a variety of media to study prehistoric animals and their fossils.

Plenty of space had been set aside in the spacious classrooms to allow the children’s work to be displayed.  One corner of a classroom had been turned into a special exhibit showcasing some of the activities.

Dinosaurs on Display in One of the Reception Classrooms

A dinosaur on display in a Reception classroom.
An armoured dinosaur (Ankylosaurus) finds a home at Mansfield Green E-ACT Academy.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The armoured dinosaur model (above) was made by Safari Ltd.

To view the range of Safari Ltd dinosaur models: Safari Ltd. Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

Inspiring a Passion for Learning

A team member from Everything Dinosaur had been invited into the school, recently graded as “outstanding” in all areas by Ofsted, to deliver a dinosaur and fossil themed workshop with each class.  Part of the school’s ethos is to inspire a passion for lifelong learning and the children were very keen to demonstrate their pre-knowledge and to take part in the various activities that we had prepared for them.

Our dinosaur expert set the children a special challenge, could they draw their very own dinosaur?  This extension idea along with the other resources and lesson plan suggestions made by “dinosaur Mike” were well received by the dedicated teaching team.

Dinosaur and Fossil Workshop

There was plenty of good listening in evidence during the workshop, the children are certainly very knowledgeable about dinosaurs and they enthusiastically demonstrated T. rex fingers and T. rex arms.  The pronunciation guide we provided should help the teachers when it comes to tackling all those tricky dinosaur names.

At Everything Dinosaur, we have lots of books about prehistoric animals.  We were happy to provide a new dinosaur book, an addition to the school’s well-stocked library to help enthuse and inspire the next generation of scientists.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.