Updating Customers on Special Deliveries to Canada

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Problems with Parcel Deliveries to Canada

Canada is a very big country and at this time of year, delays can occur in their national postal network due to adverse weather conditions and the pressure on the network from having to deal with increased volumes of parcels as the build up to the festive season continues.  However, ongoing industrial action has led to significant delays and we are writing to inform our Canadian customers that Royal Mail has suspended the despatching of parcels to Canada.

Royal Mail Have Suspended Despatching Parcels Destined for Canada

Royal Mail parcels being sorted.
Royal Mail has received a request to suspend the sending of all mail including Christmas parcels to Canada until further notice.

Picture credit: Press Association/Royal Mail

Affecting All International Post Operators

The strike action has been going on for several weeks.  A large back-log of undelivered mail and parcels has built up in the Canadian network.  A series of rolling strikes across the Provinces has led to a build-up of over five hundred trucks, all with parcels that have to be delivered before the network can handle any more mail.  As a result, all international postal operators, including Royal Mail in the United Kingdom, have been requested to stop sending more mail to Canada.

Canada Post are aware of the huge impact this is having, especially with Christmas approaching and they are continuing to attempt to reach a settlement with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW).  Royal Mail has recommended that companies like Everything Dinosaur consider delaying any parcels bound for Canada in the coming days and as this situation is likely to continue, it is not possible to say when the dispute will be settled or if the back-log will be cleared anytime soon.

Royal Mail is still accepting parcels, but they are not moving in the network, there are being held in the UK international distribution hubs until further notice.

Impact Across the Whole of the Canadian Mail Network

Negotiations between the parties are continuing but the rolling strikes have had an impact on the entire mail distribution network of Canada and at the time of writing, there seems little prospect of the industrial action over pay and conditions coming to an end.

Our Royal Mail account managers have promised to keep us informed regarding the progress and outcome of any negotiations.  If no break-through is achieved, then services to Canada are likely to remain suspended.  If the strike action is ended soon, there is still going to be a large amount of mail to be cleared before the Canadian mail network can return to normal operating conditions.  Customers sending parcels to Canada can expect their items to be subjected to many weeks of delays.

Delays Expected in Parcel Deliveries to Canada

Everything Dinosaur parcels.
Customers in Canada can expect considerable delays with regards to parcel deliveries. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur Comments

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We have been kept informed by Royal Mail about the ongoing industrial action.  Unfortunately, this dispute will have a very significant impact on Christmas gifts being sent from the UK to Canada.  Team members have been exploring alternative postal routes and courier networks to try to expediate deliveries.  It might be helpful to contact Everything Dinosaur before placing an order for prehistoric animal items that are destined for addresses in Canada.”

To enquire about alternative parcel delivery services to Canada: Email Everything Dinosaur.

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