A Fantastic Rebor Model Collection

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A Fantastic Rebor Model Collection

Having received the latest Rebor prehistoric animal replicas, the pair of tyrannosaurids “Vanilla Ice” – Jungle and Mountain, dinosaur fan and model collector, Maurizio kindly sent in some pictures of his dinosaur models to Everything Dinosaur.  The collection includes a large number of Rebor prehistoric animal models, the Rebor range has certainly grown in the last three years or so and Maurizio’s display cabinet is very impressive.

A Rebor Inspired Prehistoric Animal Collection on Display

An amazing collection of Rebor prehistoric animal replicas.
A fantastic collection of Rebor replicas.  Various views of the comprehensive collection of Rebor figures.

Picture credit: Maurizio

An Amazing Prehistoric Animal Model Collection

With the introduction of the two “Vanilla Ice” tyrannosaurid figures in October, the Rebor range of figures has increased to over forty and when displayed all together they make an awesome sight.  A number of figures in the collection are no longer available, so it is pleasing to see that a collector has been able to acquire from Everything Dinosaur, some of the rarer and more difficult to obtain figures.

Foreground – “Vanilla Ice” – Mountain and Background The Rebor King T. rex

Rebor Vanilla Ice Mountain tyrannosaur model.
The Rebor “Vanilla Ice” – Mountain colour variation (foreground) with the second figure to be introduced by Rebor the spectacular King T. rex (background).

Picture credit: Maurizio

A Variety of Theropod Figures

The Rebor range contains a variety of theropod figures, including a number of tyrannosaurid dinosaurs.  There are other theropods including a number of dromaeosaurids – the “raptors”, within the range plus an Acrocanthosaurus, Carnotaurus and a Ceratosaurus to.

A Fine Collection of Rebor “Raptors”

Rebor "raptors" figure collection.
A fantastic collection of Rebor “raptors”.

Picture credit: Maurizio

A set of elongated, theropod dinosaur eggs can be seen in the foreground.  It is likely that dromaeosaurids such as Velociraptor laid eggs very similar to these.  The various Rebor “raptors” in the cabinet include “Sweeney”, “Winston”, “Gunn”, “Rose”, “Pete”, “Alex Delarge”, the scout series juvenile Velociraptor “Stan” and a leaping “Spring-heeled Jack”, it certainly is a most impressive collection and this dinosaur fan has built up his very own “raptor” pack, which is highly appropriate, as most palaeontologists believe that these fast-running predators were pack hunters and quite social animals.

A Close-up View of the Recently Introduced Rebor Tyrannosaurid “Vanilla Ice” – Jungle Colour Variant

Rebor Vanilla Ice Jungle tyrannosaur model.
The Rebor “Vanilla Ice” – Jungle colour variation.  A close-up view of the Rebor “Vanilla Ice” figure in the jungle green colour scheme.

Picture credit: Maurizio

The stunning details on the Rebor figures, including the beautiful articulated jaws on many of the figures can be clearly seen on these well-composed photographs.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“It is always a pleasure to see how the models and figures we supply are displayed by collectors.  We enjoy receiving photographs that showcase model collections and we are most impressed with this collection of Rebor replicas.”

To view the Rebor range of prehistoric animal models, including the two “Vanilla Ice” tyrannosaurids, available from Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.

The Rebor “Vanilla Ice” – Mountain

Rebor "Vanilla Ice" - Mountain.
The Rebor “Vanilla Ice” – Mountain colour variation, close-up view.

Picture credit: Maurizio

Our thanks to Maurizio for sending in these pictures of his prehistoric animal model collection.

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