Wild Safari Prehistoric World Woolly Rhino Arrives

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Wild Safari Prehistoric World Woolly Rhino in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

The Wild Safari Prehistoric World Woolly Rhino model is in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  This superb figure of an Ice Age rhinoceros (Coelodonta antiquitatis), arrived yesterday, it is the first of the new for 2019 figures and replicas from Safari Ltd that Everything Dinosaur will be stocking.

The New for 2019 Woolly Rhinoceros Model (C. antiquitatis)

Wild Safari Prehistoric World Woolly Rhinoceros model.
Wild Safari Prehistoric World Woolly Rhino model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

“Ancient Hollow Tooth” – Brought Bang Up to Date

The Woolly Rhinoceros, known by palaeontologists as Coelodonta antiquitatis (the name means ancient hollow tooth), has been brought bang up to date by the design team at Safari Ltd.  The model has stocky and short limbs and the figure has been painted to give the impression of a thick coat of fur covering the body.

The nostrils are large and have been given a varnish on the inside to give the impression that they are moist.  Like most rhinos, the eyesight of Coelodonta antiquitatis was quite poor but it did have an excellent sense of smell.  Large nasals also probably served to help warm air before it entered the lungs, an adaptation to living on the tundra and frozen steppe.  The large anterior horn is somewhat flattened and spatulate in shape, again, this is an accurate depiction of the horn, as it was used to help sweep snow away so that ground dwelling vegetation could be exposed permitting this large mammal to feed.

A Close-up View of that Flattened Anatomically Accurate Nose Horn

Wild Safari Prehistoric World Woolly Rhinoceros model.
Wild Safari Prehistoric World Woolly Rhino model.  The anterior nose horn is somewhat flattened, this horn, along with the enlarged nostrils and the small ears accurately reflect what is known about this extinct rhinoceros.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Some of our customers have expressed their surprise at how quickly we were able to get this animal into stock.  At Everything Dinosaur, we do appreciate how keen model fans and collectors are when it comes to getting their hands on the latest additions to the Wild Safari Prehistoric World range and we did all we could to ensure that the Woolly Rhino model was available to them as fast as possible.  It really is a super replica of this extinct member of the Rhinocerotidae.”

More Wild Safari Prehistoric World Models to Come

One of the reasons why the agreement that Safari Ltd had with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History came to an end was that with the termination of the agreement, the Florida based figure company could focus on producing more models and increasing its range.  A further ten prehistoric animal figures are due to be introduced in the next few months or so.  Everything Dinosaur is optimistic that more new for 2019 figures will be coming into stock before the end of the year.  The last of the 2019 model introductions should be available in the spring.

Wild Safari Prehistoric World Figures 2019 (Archosauria)

Wild Safari Prehistoric World - reptiles 2019.
The remaining new for 2019 prehistoric animal figures from the Wild Safari Prehistoric World range.  Top Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, Prestosuchus, Camarasaurus, Pteranodon, Styracosaurus, Swimming Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, Carnotaurus and Citipati. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Stepping into the Limelight the Woolly Rhinoceros Figure

Wild Safari Prehistoric World Woolly Rhinoceros model.
Wild Safari Prehistoric World Woolly Rhino model.

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