JurassicCollectables Reviews the Papo Quetzalcoatlus

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The Papo Quetzalcoatlus Model Video Review

The hardworking production team at JurassicCollectables have made a video review of the new for 2018 Papo Quetzalcoatlus pterosaur model.  At Everything Dinosaur, the Quetzalcoatlus figure (along with the Papo Compsognathus), represent the last of this year’s models to be introduced by Papo.  Although no Quetzalcoatlus flying reptiles appear in the “Jurassic Park/Jurassic World” film franchise, the video narrator makes the point that the model’s colouration, especially around that impressive beak, is very similar to the Pteranodons seen in the various movies.

Papo Quetzalcoatlus

In the brief video, the video is a fraction under eight minutes in length (7.58), the JurassicCollectables narrator reviews this new azhdarchid pterosaur model and compares and contrasts this figure with the aforementioned Papo Compsognathus.  Also featured is the classic Papo green standing Tyrannosaurus rex model, even mathematician Ian Malcolm makes an appearance!

JurassicCollectables – Papo Quetzalcoatlus Pterosaur Model Video Review

Video credit: JurassicCollectables

JurassicCollectables have produced videos on a whole range of prehistoric animals including all the figures that Papo have produced, to see these videos and to subscribe to their amazing YouTube channel: Subscribe to JurassicCollectables on YouTube.

The Impressive Papo Quetzalcoatlus Figure

Papo Quetzalcoatlus model.
The new for 2018 Papo Quetzalcoatlus figure.  It even has an articulated beak!

The Papo Quetzalcoatlus “The Detail is Impressive”

The viewer is given a guided tour of this walking pterosaur figure, the narrator comments that the “detail is most impressive” and praises the texture given to the model by the use of “micro-feathers”, it is the pycnofibres that are being referred to.  Palaeontologists now know that many kinds of flying reptile were covered in hair-like filaments.  Quetzalcoatlus may have had a shaggy coat!

The designers at Papo have taken great care to give their figure a ruffled and naturalistic appearance, a point picked up in the video review.

To see the range of Papo prehistoric animal models available from Everything Dinosaur (including the Papo Quetzalcoatlus): Papo Prehistoric Animal Models.

In the JurassicCollectables Video the Papo Quetzalcoatlus Figure is Reviewed

Reviewing the Papo Quetzalcoatlus pterosaur model.
JurassicCollectables reviews the Papo Quetzalcoatlus model.

Picture credit: JurassicCollectables

The picture above shows one of the studio shots from the video review of this Papo flying reptile model.  One of the great benefits of video reviews such as this, is that potential buyers can take a really good look at a figure before purchase.

A Colourful Crest and a Beautifully Painted Mouth

The narrator comments on the very colourful crest of this pterosaur model and demonstrates how the jaw articulates.  Unlike most prehistoric animal models, it is the upper jaw that articulates.  Once the beak is open, the video narrator praises Papo for the great skill and care taken in sculpting and painting the inside of the mouth.  Size measurements are made and several other figures are used to demonstrate just how big this pterosaur figure is.  For example, in one part of the review the recently introduced Papo Compsognathus model is shown in comparison with the Papo Quetzalcoatlus.

The Papo Quetzalcoatlus is Compared in Size to the Papo Compsognathus Figure

Papo Compsognathus and the Papo Quetzalcoatlus.
Comparing the Papo Quetzalcoatlus (right) with the Papo Compsognathus (left).

Picture credit: JurassicCollectables

Off-colour Alan is Missing

Regular viewers and subscribers to JurassicCollectable’s YouTube channel will know that a figure called “off-colour Alan” usually makes an appearance.  However, on this occasion, this human figure was nowhere to be found so a replica of Dr Ian Malcolm from the film Jurassic Park is used to provide an additional size comparison.   We hope that “off-colour Alan” is found soon, after all, there are a lot of prehistoric animal models coming out in the next few months, so the video review team at JurassicCollectables are going to be kept very busy.

No “Off-colour Alan” But Plenty of Views of the Papo Quetzalcoatlus Model

Reviewing the Papo Quetzalcoatlus pterosaur model.
JurassicCollectables reviews the Papo Quetzalcoatlus model.

Picture credit: JurassicCollectables

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