Ammonite Model is in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

At popular request, Everything Dinosaur has brought back into stock the ammonite model.  This robust replica of an ammonite is ideal for schools and it has been used as a teaching resource in topic areas such as Year 3 (fossils, rocks and soils) and learning about Mary Anning (the famous fossil seashell collector from Lyme Regis in Dorset), in a dinosaur and fossil related term topic.

The Ammonite Replica – Model of an Ammonite

The Bullyland ammonite model next to a polished section of an ammonite fossil.
The Bullyland ammonite model is often used in museum displays to depict the living animal next to fossil material. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Getting to Grips with Ammonites

Ideal for creative play, school or home study, the ammonite model measures 17 cm long from the end of the shell to the tips of the tentacles and the shell has a diameter of 9 cm. The model has been specially designed to be handled by children from three years and upwards.  A spokesperson from the teaching team at Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Ironically, models of ammonites tend to be more difficult to find than fossils of ammonites.  Children can learn about the fossil shells, but they do not know what the actual animal that lived in the shell looked like.  This child-friendly model helps young learners to appreciate that the fossils they are looking at represent the remains of living creatures that once swam in our seas and oceans.  The model helps children to understand that whilst ammonites are extinct, they are very similar to animals living in the sea today, creatures like squid, cuttlefish and octopi for example.”

The ammonite model has a 5-star rating on Everything Dinosaur’s website, a typical review for this replica:
“Very accurate model, impressive size.”

An Ammonite Model Used in Museum Displays

Everything Dinosaur also supplies this model to museums and other educational institutions.  It can often be found in display cases showing a collection of ammonite fossils.

Everything Dinosaur’s Ammonite Model on Display at a Museum

We spotted a Bullyland ammonite model being used to help illustrate a display of ammonite fossils. Ammonite replicas are often purchased by fossil hunters.
A Bullyland ammonite model is used to help illustrate a display of ammonite fossils. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Helping to Bring Science Alive

The picture (above) shows an ammonite model next to a fossil of a Jurassic ammonite on display in a museum.  The replica demonstrates what the living creature looked like and helps to bring the study of science alive and brings learning about fossils into context.

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