Big, Green T. rex Drawing

A special thank you to Niamh, we found her fantastic big, green Tyrannosaurus rex drawing and thank you letter whilst we were sorting out one of the offices this morning.  We had visited her school recently to deliver a dinosaur themed workshop and as part of the follow-up exercises we had received a set of wonderful thank you letters and drawings from the Year 5 class.

A Big, Green Tyrannosaurus rex

Dinosaurs and ammonites feature in a thank you letter.

A thank you letter from Niamh in Year 5.

Picture Credit: Niamh (Year 5)

The spirals (which we think represent ammonite fossils) are a nice touch.

Niamh asked in her letter what was our favourite dinosaur?  At the moment, it is definitely, her drawing of a big, green Tyrannosaurus rex!

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