A Beautiful Dinosaur Drawing and Letter

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Dinosaur Drawing and Thank You Letter

Our thanks to Dionne in Year 5 who sent Everything Dinosaur a lovely thank you letter accompanied by a dinosaur drawing after we visited her school recently.  Dionne wrote to say that “today was extraordinary” and she really enjoyed holding all the fossils.

Drawing and Thank You Letter Received by Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur letter and drawing.
Dinosaur letter and drawing sent in by Dionne in Year 5.

Picture credit: Dionne (Year 5)

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Dinosaur Workshop in School

Everything Dinosaur had been invited into Dionne’s school to work with the class of Year 5 children for a morning delivering a dinosaur workshop in school.  One of a number of extension activities that arose over the course of the morning was to have the children write thank you letters to us.  We duly received an amazing bundle of letters from the children, lots of them had dinosaur drawings too.

Our thanks to all the children who sent letters into our offices, we have enjoyed reading them and we have even posted up some of the pictures on the wall of our warehouse.

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