Merry Christmas from Iguanodontids as Unique Illustration Sent to Everything Dinosaur

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Iguanodontid Themed Christmas Card Sent to Everything Dinosaur

Our thanks to Everything Dinosaur customer Caroline and her family for sending a wonderful dinosaur themed Christmas card to our offices.  The card features a lovely drawing of a pair of iguanodontid dinosaurs wandering through a forest.  Snow has fallen and these dinosaurs are curious, looking at how the snow is covering the branches of the trees.

Dinosaur Themed Christmas Card Sent into Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur themed Christmas card.
An iguanodont themed Christmas card.

Picture credit: Caroline and Family

For models and replicas of ornithopods and other dinosaurs: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs.

A Woodland Winter Walk

Many types of dinosaur, including ornithopods like the iguanodontids lived at high latitudes.  Although, in general terms the Cretaceous was warmer than today, dinosaurs living at these high latitudes would have experienced snow.  We will never know how they reacted in behaved in snowy conditions, we have to look at how animal’s today behave in inclement weather.  The animals may have huddled together to keep warm, or wandered into the heart of the forest, as far as their bulky bodies would allow, in order to escape the worst of the weather and the cold wind.

Thank You for the Dinosaur Christmas Card

Caroline wrote to thank Everything Dinosaur for their help and support throughout 2017 and to wish us all a Happy Christmas and New Year.

There was even a picture of another ornithopod on the inside of the card, to us this image reminded us of another Cretaceous herbivore a hypsilophodontid.

Our thanks to everyone who has sent in cards, letters and emails.  They are greatly appreciated.

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