Dinosaur Fan’s Amazing Dinosaur Diorama

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Prehistoric Landscape with Special Effects

Around four years ago, Everything Dinosaur was contacted by customer requesting advice on suitable models to help populate a prehistoric landscape that was being constructed.  Dad Paul, was keen to acquire a number of prehistoric animal figures that worked well together in terms of approximate scaling, so that his son, Luke, could learn about the sizes of different dinosaurs through his creative play.  At the time, some pictures of the finished dinosaur diorama were sent through to us, however, they were lost in cyberspace and we never got to see the fruits of Paul’s labour.

Prehistoric Animal Figures in a Prehistoric Landscape

Recently, we were contacted again, Paul is about to embark on a second prehistoric landscape project, this time for his youngest son Raef.  Once again, Everything Dinosaur was able to provide advice about suitable models. Paul wanted to add a seascape, so further assistance was required, but this time the focus was on marine reptiles.  He very kindly sent over pictures of his original diorama, complete with working volcano and other amazing special effects.

An Overview of the Dinosaur Diorama Complete with an Active Volcano

A dinosaur and prehistoric animal landscape.
An overview of the superb dinosaur and prehistoric animal landscape.

Picture credit: Paul

We congratulate Paul for his superb dinosaur diorama.

A Playscape for Familiar Favourites

The pictures sent into Everything Dinosaur include some of the wonderful models that were around four years ago.  Sadly, a number of these figures have been retired and are no longer available.  It is great to see favourites from Schleich and CollectA featured in the images.

Herbivores Gather Around the Waterhole

A small pond in the dinosaur diorama.
Horned dinosaurs come to drink against the backdrop of a volcano.

Picture credit: Paul

A Dinosaur Diorama with Special Effects

Young Luke had his very own “Jurassic Park” complete with working volcano, Paul explained how he created the special effects:

“The volcano has a smoke channel (old hosepipe and a smoke machine), a lava injector (intravenous giving set), plus an incendiary fountain chamber created by placing a sparkler fountain in a tin can”.

The Diorama Even has Geysers Belching Smoke and Fumes

Special effects in the dinosaur diorama.
Smoke coming out of a crater close to the volcano.

Picture credit: Paul

What a fantastic landscape!  We are always eager to see how the prehistoric animal models that we supply are used and some of the landscapes and dioramas that our customers make are amazing.  Our thanks to Paul and his family for sharing these pictures.

To purchase dinosaurs and prehistoric animal figures: Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Figures.

Paul is not finished with his model making.  Raef will be getting his own prehistoric themed play set very soon.  This will be an additional dinosaur landscape, this time a mixed land and sea diorama that will also include a cliff-face for the resident Pterosaurs.

Exciting news!  Paul has promised to send in pictures of his completed prehistoric scenery in the New Year, we are looking forward to seeing his new dinosaur themed landscape in 2018.

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