JurassicCollectables Reviews “Pete” from Rebor

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A Video Review of the Rebor “Pete” Velociraptor Replica

Earlier this week, those talented people at JurassicCollectables produced a video review of the new Rebor 1:18 scale Velociraptor figure called “Pete” and what a great opportunity this video provides for model collectors to get a really good look at this excellent figure.  The video narrator comments about how close to the “Jurassic Park” raptors these figures look and asks help from viewers in determining which of the raptor gang from “Jurassic Park/Jurassic World” the Rebor figure most closely resembles.

The “Winston” Velociraptor Unboxing Video Review by Jurassic Collectables

Video Credit: Jurassic Collectables

Velociraptor “Pete” 1:18 Scale Replica Reviewed

This is a very detailed video, (it lasts for nearly fifteen minutes), the narrator shows the classy packaging and unboxes the figure before discussing its merits and comparing it to other Rebor 1:18 scale replicas including “Winston” and “Alex Delarge”.  Just like the other Rebor Velociraptor offerings, the “Pete” replica stays true to the non-feathered principles of the first “Jurassic Park” dromaeosaurids and the viewer is given a guided tour around the dinosaur with a special focus on the beautifully crafted, skin texture.

“Pete” the Latest Rebor Velociraptor Model

Rebor Velociraptor "Pete"

The Rebor 1:18 scale Velociraptor replica “Pete”.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Why is this Rebor Replica Called “Pete”?

In the very informative video review from JurassicCollectables, lots of aspects of this particular model are covered, the size, the paintwork, the details of the sculpt and so forth, but the question as to why this model is called “Pete” is not answered.  Let’s deal with that question to add a finishing touch to this very well-made video review.

Recent Rebor raptor models have been named after characters from the ground-breaking novel “A Clockwork Orange”, which was written by Anthony Burgess in 1962.  This book was later made into a famous (or rather infamous), film of the same name directed by Stanley Kubrick.  The plot deals with the violent lives of a gang of delinquents called the droogs, in a dystopian vision of the future.  The leader of the gang, played by Malcolm McDowell in the film, is called “Alex”, hence the recently introduced Rebor “Alex” figure.  One of the gang members is named “Pete” and that’s how this new figure got its name.  We could see more 1:18 scale Rebor Velociraptor replicas in the future, models named after the other droogs, namely Dim and Georgie.

Rebor “Pete” Named after a Gang Member from “A Clockwork Orange”

Rebor "Pete" Velociraptor Model

A cursorial (running Velociraptor) called “Pete from Rebor.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the Rebor Velociraptor “Pete” 1:18 scale figure and the rest of the Rebor range: Rebor Models and Figures

A Model of a Running “Cursorial” Raptor

It is great to see in the video direct comparisons being made between Rebor “Pete” and other Rebor Velociraptor replicas such as the leaping “Alex”.  The viewer can get a really good idea of how the Rebor pack of Velociraptors is coming together.  The narrator takes care to discuss the dynamic, running pose of this figure, it certainly gives the impression that this dinosaur is moving at speed.

JurassicCollectables have an amazing YouTube channel packed with wonderful dinosaur model reviews and other very informative videos.  Look out for all the super Rebor model reviews that are posted up on this channel.

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We look forward to seeing more JurassicCollectables video reviews of the Rebor range in the future.