Barbara Hepworth Class Study Dinosaurs and Fossils

Children in Barbara Hepworth class (Year 5/6), at Streethouse Junior, Infant and Nursery have been studying dinosaurs, fossils and prehistoric animals this term.  As well as a challenging and enriching scheme of work built around English, maths and science, the teaching team have been inspired by Dame Hepworth and introduced a dinosaur sculpting challenge for the children.

Year 5/6 Pupils Make Clay Model Dinosaurs

Schoolchildren make clay models of dinosaurs.
Year 5/6 children make clay model dinosaurs.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Barbara Hepworth was a celebrated English, 20th century, artist and sculptress who was one of the leading lights of modernism.  I am sure Dame Hepworth would have been most impressed with the clay models that the children produced.

Our dinosaur and fossil expert, who had visited the school to deliver a morning of teaching activities with the class, was given a guided tour of the clay model exhibits.  The budding artists were keen to demonstrate their knowledge by explaining what inspired them when it came to prehistoric animal model making.  The clay models make a fine display amongst all the excellent examples of handwriting that were pinned up onto the spacious classroom walls.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.