Staff Rooms – Islands of Calm

As team members at Everything Dinosaur like to arrive nice and early at schools prior to delivering a dinosaur or fossil themed workshop, we very often get the chance to visit the staff room.  We can tell a lot about the school from the staff room, the orderly lay out of information on the walls, every inch of space (in most schools), being occupied by helpful and important information about child welfare, safe guarding and school activities.  The tidy sink area with the dishwasher emptying rota clearly displayed – oh happy days.  We think of the staff room as being a little island of calm inside a busy learning environment.

Everything Dinosaur

Located on one of the more prominent walls is the master whiteboard.  This for us, is the very hub of the school, its centre, its beating heart.  Written on the board are lots of notes for the teachers, teaching support team members and the school administrators, all the information required to help the school run efficiently and smoothly.  Most whiteboards are divided up into days of the week, this helps the staff to see at a glance what is going on and when.  A well organised staff room, equipped with a well organised white board does say a lot about the school.  Sometimes, team members at Everything Dinosaur even get a mention!

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Fame as Everything Dinosaur and Palaeontology is Mentioned on the Notice Board

The FS2/Year 1 class have a palaeontology lab.

The FS2/Year 1 class have a palaeontology laboratory.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

We even got an emoticon 🙂 on the notice board.

Arriving Early in Plenty of Time for a Dinosaur Workshop

Team members always like to arrive early.  With dinosaur themed school workshops to deliver up and down the country, we certainly travel a lot in our work, but we try our best to arrive in plenty of time.  We do not want to worry the teachers and a late arrival could upset their teaching plans.  We know ourselves just how stressful it can be waiting for a school visitor to turn up.

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