Dinosaur Fan Sends in Dinosaur Drawing

Our thanks to Eashwar from India who sent into Everything Dinosaur’s offices another dinosaur drawing.  Eashwar emailed us a picture of Hypoendocrine rex, a mutant tyrannosaurid from the virtual reality prehistoric animal themed game “The Isle”.

A Dinosaur Drawing

Eashwar’s Mutant Tyrannosaur Drawing

Mutant tyrannosaurid.

Hypoendocrine T. rex drawing.

Picture credit: M.V. Eashwar

Tyrannosaurs are often featured in video and computer games.  There are many different types of tyrannosaur models and figures available too. Some tyrannosaur figures have feathers.

To view a range of tyrannosaur figures and other prehistoric animals: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life Scale Models.

The Isle Game

The Isle is a substantial, multi-player platform created by a group of veteran gaming developers (which we think are based in the United States).  Team members at Everything Dinosaur are not that familiar with this particular platform but the island is inhabited by a large number of mutant dinosaurs including a Hypoendocrine T. rex.

Our thanks to M. V. Eashwar for sending in his mutant tyrannosaurid drawing.

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