JurassicCollectables Reviews the New Rebor “Breeze”

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A Cute and Adorable Baby Utahraptor (Rebor Breeze)

JurassicCollectables have produced another video review, this time it is a brief review of the Rebor Scout series Utahraptor “Breeze” and it provides dinosaur fans with an opportunity to see for themselves how the Rebor Scout series is evolving.  The 1:35 scale Utahraptor figure has been introduced alongside “Stan” the 1:18 scale baby Velociraptor model by Rebor.  Some breaking news for fans of Rebor models, expect Everything Dinosaur to have in stock the limited edition Bronze-look raptors and the new Velociraptor figure “Winston” very shortly.

Rebor “Breeze” Video Review

Although, this video review focuses on “Breeze”, the adult Utahraptor – “Wind Hunter” figure by Rebor also features.  Also, look out for a regular appearance by “off-colour Alan”.

The Unboxing Video Review by Jurassic Collectables – “Breeze”

Video credit: Jurassic Collectables

In the brief video, (it lasts a fraction under four minutes), the narrator guides the viewer through the details that can be seen on this carefully sculpted replica.  Described as “adorable”, the baby Utahraptor makes a fine addition to any dinosaur figure collection.  The paint job is described as “quite defined” and the wet, glossy look that the eyes have is highlighted.

JurassicCollectables on YouTube

JurassicCollectables have a wonderful YouTube channel packed full of dinosaur model reviews and other very informative videos.  They have just achieved 50, 000 subscribers, that’s a fantastic achievement, our congratulations to everyone at JurassicCollectables.

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The Rebor Baby Utahraptor Model “Breeze” – Scout Series

The Rebor baby Utahraptor "Breeze"

The Rebor “Breeze” dinosaur model in the Scout series.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor Utahraptor and Rebor “Breeze” Models

“Breeze” ties in with the wind motif of the Utahraptor range from Rebor, the adult replica is called “Wind Hunter”, a reflection on the fact that these predators were probably very fast runners.  How fast is difficult to determine, but speeds in excess of forty kilometres an hour have been suggested by some palaeontologists.

To see “Breeze” the Rebor Scout baby Utahraptor dinosaur model and the rest of the Rebor range at Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.

 In the JurassicCollectables video, the narrator explains the colour scheme on the figure and highlights the fine detail of the feathery coat.  Naturally, these “raptors” could not fly but the feathers probably had a dual role.  In youngsters such as “Breeze” the feathery coat provided insulation, mature adults (such as the Rebor “Wind Hunter”), probably used their feathers, especially the tail feathers and any long quills on the arms, for display and signalling.

Everything Dinosaur and JurassicCollectables

Our thanks to JurassicCollectables for this super video review and we look forward to hearing about their 100,000th subscriber!

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