Memorable Dinosaur Workshops in Schools

Most of us can remember things that we did at school, field trips, summer excursions, special assemblies and so on.  With Everything Dinosaur having delivered something like three hundred dinosaur and fossil themed events and workshops over the last few  years, we like to think that in our own small way our work in schools has contributed to those happy memories.

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Dinosaur Workshop

Whilst on a return visit to a school to work with a Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) class, we were pleased to hear from a teaching assistant how fondly her own children remembered a visit from Everything Dinosaur to their classroom.  It seems our tactile fossil handling activities made quite an impression.  The Teaching Assistant dropped us a line to let us know what an effect our workshops had.

Thank you Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Workshop thank you letter.

Thanks from teacher.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Encouraging Children

We encourage children to write letters to us, after all, this is a good way for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two pupils to practice handwriting, sentence construction and the layout of letters, but we also appreciate feedback from the grown-ups too.

The Teaching Assistant wrote:

“My own children participated in this session when in Reception, they were very jealous this morning.  Alexander is now in Year 8 and Charlotte is in Year 5 now.  It is a fantastic memory which was so inspiring for them.  Thank you!”

Thank you for your kind words, it is always nice to get feedback and to receive comments from those who have had the opportunity to see one of our workshops.

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