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19 04, 2016

Dinosaur Workshops from a Teaching Assistant Perspective

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Teaching Assistants Praise Everything Dinosaur

A fairly local dinosaur workshop for Everything Dinosaur this morning, a visit to a Reception class in Cheshire, so not too early a start for our dinosaur experts.  We have visited this particular primary school on numerous occasions, delivering tactile fossil exploring sessions with the Reception-aged children as they are beginning the transition from free flow play to more task orientated learning.  It is always a pleasure to visit schools such as this, to meet the enthusiastic teaching team and to see the well-resourced classrooms packed full of examples of the children’s work.

Children and Dinosaurs – A Great Learning Combination

Children learn about dinosaurs.

Colourful prehistoric animals on display.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Feedback from the Teaching Team

As part of Everything Dinosaur’s continuous improvement strategy, we ask for feedback from teachers, teaching assistants and learning support providers.  We are always looking to see how we can improve our dinosaur workshops in schools to help maximise learning.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s website: Everything Dinosaur.

Below is a copy of the teaching feedback received today:

Five Stars for Dinosaur Workshop (Typical Workshop Feedback)

No fake reviews at Everything Dinosaur.

Every review posted is genuine feedback from a member of the teaching team.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Glad to see our work is so very much appreciated.

The Teaching Assistant wrote:

“This was an excellent session.  Mike [the Everything Dinosaur workshop leader],  kept the class completely engaged and involved, they enjoyed learning with him.  Mike is obviously incredibly knowledgeable and a particularly well-skilled presenter.  Mike’s reputation in school is amazing and well deserved.  Thank you!”

To learn more about Everything Dinosaur’s work with Reception-aged children and to contact us to request a quotation: Contact Everything Dinosaur

19 04, 2016

Congratulations to Palaeontologist Dean Lomax

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Honorary Scientist at The University of Manchester Wins Award

Palaeontologist Dean Lomax, an honorary scientist at Manchester University has been awarded the prestigious Edward Forbes Prize by the Palaeontographical Society.

Palaeontologist Dean Lomax

This annual award aims to encourage young palaeontologists (or those within ten years of completing their doctorate), and it recognises Dean’s contribution to the advancement of our knowledge about life in the past.  Established in 1847, the Palaeontographical Society promotes the publishing of monographs on British fossils as well as supporting taxonomic research into British fossil faunas and floras through its own research fund.

Dr Paul Barrett (President of the Palaeontographical Society) Presents the Award to Dean

Dr. Paul Barrett congratulates Dean Lomax on his award.

Dr. Paul Barrett congratulates Dean Lomax on his award.

Picture: courtesy of Dean Lomax

To visit the website of Dr Dean Lomax: Dr Dean Lomax British Palaeontologist.

It has been a busy twelve months for Dean, at the moment he is in the United States ready to start work on examining the fossils of a new dinosaur, but the Edward Forbes Prize was awarded to Dean principally in recognition for his work on a Jurassic marine vertebrate specimen that once resided in one of those places where one would least expect to make a scientific breakthrough concerning ancient sea creatures – Doncaster, located in the heart of South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire’s Fossil Heritage

Doncaster may not readily spring to mind when it comes to Mesozoic fossils but a specimen of an Ichthyosaur thought to be replica residing in the collection of the Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery caught Dean’s attention.  The sub-adult, “fish lizard” turned out to be a new species and this led to Dean co-authoring a scientific paper on Ichthyosaurus anningae last year.  The trivial name honours Mary Anning, the 19th century Lyme Regis-based fossil collector, who coincidently died the same year that the the Palaeontographical Society was founded.

To read more about the discovery of Ichthyosaurus anningaeNew Ichthyosaurus Species Honours Mary Anning

This is not the first time that talented Dean has had his research recognised by his peers.  Dean has recently received a multitude of awards, including the Marsh Award for Palaeontology (November, 2015), The School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Science (SEAES) Postgraduate Research Student Excellence Award (University of Manchester) – Best Contribution to Society for 2015 (November, 2015) and the Gold Medal (G.J. Mendel Award) – Set for Britain 2015 (March, 2015).

Dinosaurs of the British Isles

Readers of this blog, may already be quite familiar with Dean’s work.  Last August, he appeared in the two-part television documentary “Dinosaur Britain”, that explained the role of these islands in the history of dinosaur research.  The programmes were largely based on the highly acclaimed book “Dinosaurs of the British Isles” by Dean Lomax and Nobumichi Tamura.

If you have missed out on this excellent book all about British dinosaurs, it can be found here: Purchase “Dinosaurs of the British Isles” Courtesy of Siri Scientific Press

Dean Has Written a Book All About British Dinosaurs

A comprehensive guide to British dinosaurs over 400 pages.

A comprehensive guide to British dinosaurs over 400 pages.

Picture credit: Siri Scientific Press

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“Congratulations to Dean Lomax, it is always a pleasure to see that research is recognised in this way.  Palaeontology is blessed with a myriad of young, dedicated researchers just starting out on their careers and we predict exciting times ahead for Dean and his contemporaries.”

We suspect that Professor Edward Forbes himself, a palaeontologist and ardent supporter of the nascent Palaeontographical Society, would approve of Dean winning the award, after all, Professor Forbes spent much of his life studying the marine biology of the British Isles and he would have been very aware of the Ichthyosaur research undertaken by Conybeare, Georges Cuvier and Richard Owen.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Everything Dinosaur.

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