Teaching Assistants Praise Everything Dinosaur

A fairly local dinosaur workshop for Everything Dinosaur this morning, a visit to a Reception class in Cheshire, so not too early a start for our dinosaur experts.  We have visited this particular primary school on numerous occasions, delivering tactile fossil exploring sessions with the Reception-aged children as they are beginning the transition from free flow play to more task orientated learning.  It is always a pleasure to visit schools such as this, to meet the enthusiastic teaching team and to see the well-resourced classrooms packed full of examples of the children’s work.

Children and Dinosaurs – A Great Learning Combination

Children learn about dinosaurs.

Colourful prehistoric animals on display.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Feedback from the Teaching Team

As part of Everything Dinosaur’s continuous improvement strategy, we ask for feedback from teachers, teaching assistants and learning support providers.  We are always looking to see how we can improve our dinosaur workshops in schools to help maximise learning.

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Below is a copy of the teaching feedback received today:

Five Stars for Dinosaur Workshop (Typical Workshop Feedback)

No fake reviews at Everything Dinosaur.

Every review posted is genuine feedback from a member of the teaching team.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Glad to see our work is so very much appreciated.

The Teaching Assistant wrote:

“This was an excellent session.  Mike [the Everything Dinosaur workshop leader],  kept the class completely engaged and involved, they enjoyed learning with him.  Mike is obviously incredibly knowledgeable and a particularly well-skilled presenter.  Mike’s reputation in school is amazing and well deserved.  Thank you!”

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