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22 03, 2016

Happy Birthday Adam Sedgwick Celebrating a Famous Scientist

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Geologist Adam Sedgwick Born on this Day 1785

On this day in 1785, Adam Sedgwick was born.  He was to play a vital role in the development of geology and did much to help improve our understanding with regards to the age of the Earth and the various geological periods that can be reflected in the fossil record.  A graduate of Cambridge University, Sedgwick spent much of his working life collaborating with another pioneering British geologist, Roderick Murchison and between them they mapped and dated much of the strata of the British Isles.  Adam Sedgwick was responsible for defining the Cambrian geological period and with Murchison, they defined the Devonian.

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Britain’s Developing Canal Network Permitted Access to Rocks

Extensive engineering projects and widespread quarrying as Britain developed its network of canals provided these early pioneers of geology with unprecedented access to the rocks and strata of the British Isles.  This study was further augmented with the development of the railways.  The industrial revolution greatly increased the demand for coal and this fuelled (no pun intended), a tremendous scientific interest in how rock layers are formed and their relative ages.

The Famous Ripple Beds at Wren’s Nest (Dudley)

Ripples preserved in limestone.

The famous ripple beds at Wren’s Nest SSSI located in the West Midlands. Adam Sedgwick was one of the founders of the science of geology. A knowledge of geology helped find coal and other important resources to help fuel the industrial revolution. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Science of Biostratigraphy

Adam Sedgwick played a significant role in the nascent science of biostratigraphy.  Biostratigraphy is the study of the age of strata using the fossils preserved within the rock layers.  Formations, that may be separated by hundreds of miles can be relatively dated using the fossils preserved within the sediments.  Adam Sedgwick was a vehement opponent of Darwin’s theory of evolution.  Although he admired Darwin for his methodical approach to research, he could not accept the consequences of the theory that Darwin postulated in his seminal book of 1859 – that of evolution by natural selection as explained in the “Origin of Species”.

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22 03, 2016

Exclusive Dinosaur Workshops in Schools

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Five Stars for Dinosaur Workshops in School

As the Spring term in the UK draws to a close, Everything Dinosaur team members can reflect on a job well done with their dinosaur and fossil themed workshops in schools.   Since January, our dedicated teaching team have been working the length and breadth of the country supporting teachers and teaching assistants by providing dinosaur workshops to assist in the teaching of the curriculum.

Dinosaur Workshop in School

Whether it is a Reception class learning about the properties of materials, a Year Six class discussing natural selection and evolution or even Key Stage Three tackling the complexities of genetics, our experts have been on hand to support learning.

Everything Dinosaur team members receive top marks from teachers for their dinosaur and fossil themed workshops in schools.

The feedback we receive from schools has continued to give our workshops five stars out of five and as we approach the one hundred and fiftieth on line review published on our specialist website: Testimonials we still have top marks.  Below is a review provided by a Reception school teacher from Cheshire, one of the schools we visited last week.

Top Reviews for Everything Dinosaur’s Teaching Work in Schools

Praise for Everything Dinosaur.

Praise for Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Black Firs Primary/Everything Dinosaur

Praise for Everything Dinosaur

The teacher who provided this review also added:

“The children had a brilliant time and we absolutely loved it – so a huge THANK YOU to all concerned especially Mike who was fab.”

As well as the teaching workshop, we also provided some extension resources including a dinosaur measuring exercise specially designed for EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).  These extra resources are just part of the assistance we provide teaching teams.  Everything Dinosaur also offers free dinosaur and fossil themed teaching resources to download.  The downloads are divided into helpful categories, there are general downloads such as pronunciation guides and anti-bullying posters and then categories dedicated to EYFS, Key Stage One and Two and then yet another section dedicated to providing free teaching resources for Secondary schools.

Contact for Everything Dinosaur

Contact details for Everything Dinosaur team members can be found here: Email Everything Dinosaur.

A Key Stage One teacher providing feedback to Everything Dinosaur, after our work with her class wrote in to say:

“It was a really engaging session.  Lots of opportunities for the children to handle objects.  The children really enjoyed learning about dinosaurs and the Everything Dinosaur expert has a great manner with the class.”

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Fun Learning All About Fossils and Life in the Past

Praise for Everything Dinosaur.

Brainstorming dinosaurs with a class of school children.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Once the short Easter break is over and the Everything Dinosaur team members have finished their outreach work scheduled to take place over the holiday period, then its Summer term and more dinosaur themed workshops being delivered at various schools across the country.  Naturally, Everything Dinosaur will be aiming to keep up its five star rating!

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